Under a Bleeding Sun

Session Four: 11-14

Overwhelming Victory-Damn

Dl02 session 802
Uh-Oh – A Caravan Ambush!! Wish I didn’t fire most the guards

Today started off with Mider being arrested by Templar’s for not having his papers during the changing of the guards. He got thrown in a cell with Taliesin and the body of the now deceased Kavarius. A little while later a young lady was thrown in the cell, and oddly the lead Templar moved most the guards off of the prsioners. The lady tells Mider they need to escape and Mider tells her his undead beetle is currently on his way into the cell. The beetle busts through and the lady casts a knock spell on the door and they take off. She summons a creature to take some heat off them, and they escape into a secret door, and go down a ladder going down into a secret assembly chamber.

When they first enter, Mider is accosted by the host, being accused of being a preserver slayer. Jaggo appears shortly after and confronts Mider. Mider decides to come clean and does not lie about his intentions, and Jaggo decides that mercy is the correct action here, and lets Mider live, with the promise he will personally slay him if he should ever slay a preserver without cause again.

Shortly later, Korgunard appears and informs the gathering that he has prepared and is ready to perform the ritual to transform into the first stage on Avangion. The crowd goes silent, and Korgunard begins. It is a very sacred ceremony, and unfortunately three hours into the ceremony a Templar comes out of the curtain behind Korgunard and deals a vicious stroke with his magic sword. Templar’s storm out ready to blast the room with silence, but a readied action by Akus puts two of them to sleep, only allowing about half the room to be dropped in silence. A vicious battle starts, with Templar’s piling out from behind the curtain, and Half-giant Templar’s moving down the ladder into the room. Mider drops a deeper darkness on a pebble and throws it to the ladder, epically (and luckily, and barely) getting it right where he wants, slowing down the half-giants advance. They finish off the Templar’s in their way and escape to the sewer with Elentha and Jaggo.

Korgunard says his last words “To tyr the roads..” and goes unconscious. Jaggo asks the party and the new PC’s Veiled Alliance member Akus and his bodyguard Vyndaeth if they would transport him to Tyr. The party agrees, and learns of an ally of the alliance Gregen the half-giant who might be able to aide them on escaping the city. Thanks to a stealthy bounty hunter they make it to Gregen without incidence. Gregen is a guard in charge of the slaves going to the obsidian mines. He says he can put Korgunard and their equipment in the last wagon of the line up, and ensure that their manacles will not be secured, but the escape needs to be up to them. The party agrees, and within a few hours is headed out of the city in a slave caravan. They easily secure their equipment and steal the wagon, taking it south and to the road to Tyr.

Tyrian Conspiracy Part 2

As the party approaches the road, they see a burning caravan on the road. As they approach, Mider realizes that it is Nadar’s caravan. After exploring, they find Daimon now dead, and a barely alive dwarf. With his dying words he informs the party that Nadar was kidnapped by the elves who slaughtered the caravan. Vyndaeth can tell that the elves were many in number, and that they have probably invoked elf run, making them nearly impossible to catch up with. The party decides to stick to the road.

Arcane Shadows Part 2

Early on in their day they get stuck in a Tyr storm, and Vyndaeth gets the caravan lost into the desert. While lost the party gets attacked by a trine of Cha’thrang. While the undead beetle and the kanks drop, the party dispatches the other foes with relative ease, and the next morning the add three undead cha’thrang to their arsenal, along with two undead kanks. The next day they become assaulted by a group of savage muls. The muls stand little chance against the party, and drop quickly.

Later that day the party runs into an assaulted caravan, and as their investigating the scene, they become surrounded by a dozen kreen. The Kreen say they are awaiting the great one, that a soft skin informed them of his coming. After some banter Vyndaeth shows them Korgunard, and after an odd ritual involving touching their antennae to Korgunard, the leader of the Kreen offers to accompany the party to deliver the “Great One” to the spirit of the land. Akus begins to put the whole thing together, and gathers as much information as he can on Kreen culture. The next two days pass without incidence. On the third day, in the afternoon, they pass an oasis, and they try to stay out of sight, but the party gets seen. The group hails to the party, but they continue on their way.

A few hours later Tik-Tak informs Vyndaeth that they are about to ambushed. After he informs the rest of the party they are under assault by thirty bounty hunter. The bounty hunters easily dispatch of the turtles, but the party somehow perseveres against the battle they were totally meant to loose. A few stinking clouds and a sand blast really levied the battle into their favor, and they win, with Mider getting dropped, but the bounty hunters were performing non-lethal damage. so he was a-ok.

As we were rapping up this night of FOUR combats, the Free show up, and Elentha shows herself to the party, and we basically ended right there.



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