Under a Bleeding Sun

Pre-Session and Session 9: 3-4-2012

New heroes help old heroes bring revenge

First Map Tools Game – Fun!!

So the party, after saving the city of Tyr, decided to stick around in Tyr for some much needed R&R. The were relaxing, enjoying being heroes, when Taliesin and Vyndaeth started to wonder where Mider was. So they went to his house in Tyr (weird, I know, the deck has weird powers;) and found him assassinated, with two wrist-razor wounds in him and his head cut off.

Taliesin puts Mider to sand letting the wind carry his notes creating a dirge in his honor, while someone guides his spirit to better journeys, a silt priest of some type. Just the way the cleric would like it to be – all things rest in the silt.

So, about a week after discovering Mider had been killed, Taliesin and Vyndaeth are awoken in the late part of the night by a Tyrian courier. They are retrieved to the council chamber, where for lack of planning on my part and to help with getting everyone together, the new party is also there through their myriad channels.

“So, I was conned into coming here with an understanding that we could learn whats happened to our highest level of power.” Says the fire cleric in as boisterous a tone as she can manage. The elven water cleric continues “we have all just gotten here, you must let these things happen in their natural flow.” Before they can continue Sadira sharply cuts them both off and starts “My friends, we are gathered here today because something is happening to divine magic, as many of us are already aware. These friends..” She says motioning at Pravh and Kamdir;-) “have come as friends from Kornugard, and this one is the current apprentice to the Wanderer, who has requested to speak to the council.”
It grows deathly silent in the chamber for all of three seconds – then it begins – “The wanderer’s on the other side of the world”, “What a fools tale is that, he doesn’t exist” “how exciting, I can’t believe our luck” “I thought he went to save the world again, how can he help us..”
“Quite, All Of You” yells Timor, the head Templar of Tyr, all fall silent. He continues “We will conduct ourselves in a civilized manner, or else we are no better than a slave city.” Talara speaks up “I for one would like to hear what the Wanderer has to say, then I think we should discuss it.” The rest of the council murmurs agreement.
Pravh steps forward, and he projects through his eyes a hologram of the Wanderer. The man in the hologram is an interesting sight to be sure. He looks as a spirit of the land does, but almost has similar characteristics to Kornugard, including the sprouting of shimmering wings. Even through the hologram his power echoes through the room. If an aura was tangible, this one would destroy the council chamber.
“Good evening friends, because of the nature of my current business I’m doing, I had to leave this in my apprentice as a recording, so I will not be able to answer any questions, so I will be as thorough as I can be. As some of you have likely already noticed someone is drastically altering the connection of the prime to the elemental planes. I suspect something very foul is soon to begin, and I have called you all here to warn you. Make preparations, I have a feeling if this continues shadow will fall on Athas.”
“I am not sure what is happening, but I have my suspicion that this falls on Dregoth. He by far has more knowledge of the working of the planes than any other being on Athas that I know of. I do not know for what purpose he is doing this, but as we know the dragon, we know it would be for a dark purpose indeed. I can honestly say I fear as greatly now as I did when Borys tore through are sky.”
He pauses…no one seems to know what he’s talking about. Next time maybe he’ll remember his audience,
“I believe events are going to start moving very quickly, and that all present should be prepared to take drastic actions. That being said, I have forseen the newly made champions of Tyr being victorious over this darkness. I put my full faith in them in this matter, and am personally assigning them to take care of this. I am requesting that my apprentice and his friend also accompany you two on this journey.”
“As I have forseen it, when the dragon strikes, you must follow, but need not engage. Once there you will see an odd occurrence. Do all you can to aid, but don’t end your lives prematurely. An unlikely alliance will form, but it will hold if you do not betray. From there you will bring the stars, the sea, and the bane of the chosen. Make haste through mundane means, powers of the mind may unleash the caller. The traitors too aids you through to where magics start. Then, the last battles fought.”
The wanderer looks as if he moves out of a trance of his own. “So, my friends, I hope I can rely on you to do the right thing, and I know you can succeed.” With that the vision goes away.
The council is silent for a moment. Sadira speaks meekly “Well heroes of Tyr, may we call on you for an as of yet unknown service? Will you do this for Athas?”
And, so obviously, the party accepts.

Taliesin decides he needs to make his move against his enemies while he is still in Tyr. With the aid of the rest of the party he is able to learn some information on his enemies, but not enough so he continues to gather information. Unfortunately, he seems to tip off his enemies, and he is approached in the street by men asking why he is asking about the shadow.

Well, Pravh says yea right, and dominates the lieutenant of the silence, and he walks them right through their base and into the main building. While walking through, Malach sees them and decides to question his lieutenant. Well Taliesin says that he’s back from the grave and to tell Roller he says hello and combat ensues. So the party is tripping, grappling, dazing, dominating, all kinds of crazy crowd control. Jurgan grapples a wizard, and uses him as a weapon in a body bludgeon. Kamdir and Misha just tear it up, dishing out some serious damage. So Malach falls, and Roller and a Templar enter the fray. This pushes Taliesin over the edge, as he knows these are the last two that were directly responsible for an unknown plight. So angry is he, he uses poison against a bard, but at least he trips him ahead of time.

The battle continues, and the party is making a last ditch effort to grab bodies on their way out to loot. They start busting out windows and jumping down to the ground. They manage to bring Malach and Roller with them out the window, cause the want the loot. Jurgan just hurls the templar at the pilar outside, seriously knocking him up. A raging barbarian jumps out the window after them, and Pravh takes him over and sends him to fight his incoming allies.

The party starts heading for the gate, except Taliesin who quaffs a potion, becomes an elemental, and starts flying out of there. Vyndaeth runs up the wall surrounding the compound, and ajars the gate enough for everyone to get out of there. The party escapes pretty easily, and goes to distribute the newfound loot.

With Taliesin’s Vengeance complete, he decides he would prefer to settle down. Knowing that his enemies at the guild had defected and been vanquished, he settles down in Tyr and opens up a curio shop, at which he highly excels and is still running that shop to this day.



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