Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 10 4-1-2012

The Grind - How to level a PC

Pzo1110 assassin
Vyndaeth is a Beast

I’m going to keep this brief as not much happened storyline wise. I realized the pc’s were a level behind where I wanted them, so I ground them on the way to Raam to gain that level.

The session starts with the trader Lazorous Calsteera meeting the pcs outside the Pyramid in Raam. He tells them he will pay them if they help him get to Raam, and as they are heading that way they agree. They sleep for the night and set out the next morning.

At the end of the first day they hear the sound of battle, and go to investigate. There is a lone half-elf singing and fighting off a pack of a few dozen Gith. The party rushes, well more of trots to her aid. The party just pretty much tears these guys up. The girl, Alaina, thanks them and trades tales with the party. She tries to bed Lazorous and then Vyndaeth, both of which refuse her. She stays the night and leaves early the next morning. The party checks over their gear, and they have everything still so they let her go.

Later on their journey to Raam they get attacked by Halflings with weird grafts. They take one alive, and find out these are life shaped grafts. The one the spared knows nothing more than this. They might have got a graft or two for themselves to keep.

The last encounter of the day was with some off Saurimon(spelling) minions, who came to collect Vyndaeth and Taliesin. Vyndaeth walked forward acting like he would turn himself in while Lazorous tried to talk them down. He talked crap about Saurimon, and next theng Lazorous knew it was hard to breathe. Vyndaeth walked up to his leader and deathblowed him – and -he rolled a 2 to save. I mean, come on, the guy makes it on a 3, WTF!! Then Lazorous made a convincing argument and rolled a 41 bluff check(I mean really again!) to convince his minions to back down. Thinking retreat to be the better part of valor they did.

As they approach the city, Vyndaeth decides to scout ahead to see what kind of trouble the party should expect from the sieged city of Raam. He was never seen or heard from again…

So there ended the grind!! What a way to go!



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