Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 12 & 13

4/29 & 5/13


Alright, apparently I missed a session in here. Anyway, there was a bunch of battles that expended resources and hurt the party, though they were able to gain back resources. They found the group of elves, who asked the PC’s to help them in recovering some magic items. The PC’s hesitantly agreed and were able to navigate the city without further incident thanks to the traders knowledge of the city.

The party found the tools the elves were looking for and made haste back to the elves. Shortly after returning the magic items a war horn blew in the distance, and the elves started making battle preparation. Harkuku Dark Moon asked the party if they could aid them in the upcoming battle, and the party reluctantly agreed.

It was a ferocious battle, and Kamdir, saving Jurgan in the process, sacrificed his life in the fight. The fighting was brutal, but Pravh defeated the head templar with a well placed save or die.

The party recovered and was richly rewarded by the elves and the nobles.

A few weeks passed and they were approached by a High Templar of the Shadow King…



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