Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 14: 6/10/2012

Sorcerer-Kings and Finger Fucked


The party is approached by a powerful looking High Templar of Nibenay, The Shadow Kings Domain. She asks the party to follow her to meet with her high lord, and the party seems to reluctantly agree. She teleports them outside of Nibenay which is surrounded by a very powerful force field. She explains it is to protect the city and prevent teleportation into the city. They are lead through Nibenay to the palace. It is a grand palace and they are lead to a back room. They meet up with an archer and crossbow caster, who also is lead into progression with them. For the first time, approach the sorcerer-kings:

With a wave of his hand the Shadow King causes the jade orbs to burn bright, illuminating the chamber to a near-normal level. It is then you recognize the shadowy figures for what they truly are, the sorcerer monarchs Hamanu of Urik and Lalali-Puy of Gulg. The look of surprise on
your face is evident, and a soft chuckle can be heard from the direction of the throne. The shadow king then speaks. “Introductions are uneccessary and time moves against us. Not
since the time of Rajaat’s release at the hands of the usurper Tithian has Athas faced so great a
danger. Dregoth the Undead Dragon-King, the Third Champion of Rajaat, is on his way to
becoming the first god of Athas. Unless he is stopped, all divine magic on Athas shall be lost
to all who do not pledge allegiance to Dregoth; and in his visions for Athas, there will be no
men, elves or dwarves – there will only be his dray. Dregoth must not be allowed to succeed.”
“The destruction of Raam was only a single component in the spell our fellow Champion casts to elevate himself to godhood, one he doubtlessly fabricated with knowledge gleamed from his travels to the Outer Planes. You might have felt the loss of divine magic from the Elemental Planes already. It is only the beginning. Soon all elemental magic procured from the Inner Planes will be lost!”
_ The Shadow King then suddenly sits back in his throne, for a blink of an eye his face is altered,_
revealing a dark alien appearance, but his illusions of a human face return instantly. The Shadow King’s face has a drained look upon it. The Lion of Urik steps forward, his bold strides carrying him with an air of authority that is difficult to disregard. “You must excuse our host,” Hamanu states, “for the power it takes to maintain the magical boundary surrounding the city can be taxing. Perhaps you’ve asked yourselves why you are here? It is quite simple really. We are in need of your help. The three of us cannot openly act against Dregoth without him knowing and allowing him to retaliate. In many ways Dregoth has already become even more powerful than the Dragon of Tyr ever was. The fate of Raam would befall all cities large and small should we directly interfere, and I would guess that all would be killed instead of just enough to power his sinister spell. Hence, we need powerful agents armed with the knowledge needed to defeat him, and with the continual loss of divine magic our templars would prove ineffective for this task.”
“Do you even realize what is happening here, mortals?” rudely interjects the Oba of Gulg after
viewing your trepidation, “Do you have any idea how magic travels from the Elemental Planes to
Athas? Our former master explained it to us once, having studied all forms of magic for over
2,000 years. Elemental magic travels from the Inner Planes to Athas along conduits. On other
worlds beyond this one exist god-like beings that gather energy from their worshipers along
somewhat similar conduits, but these conduits do not exist on Athas. Dregoth plans to move the
conduits from the Inner Plane to the Outer Plane, believing this will make him a god like those on other worlds, further increasing his power to unknown proportions. If he succeeds, only his worshippers shall receive divine magic and all that oppose him will be annihilated. Do you understand the peril now?”
_ “Though ill-mannered,” replies the Shadow King with an apparent second wind, “my dear_
Lalali-Puy is correct. Unless Dregoth is stopped, all divine magic as we know it shall no longer
exist, and the Ravager of Giants will reign supreme. After viewing your efforts in Raam, you are our first choice to oppose Dregoth’s plans. Defeating the undead dragon will be no easy matter, and you’ll be in need of powerful magic if you are to succeed, magic we’re prepared to give you. The reward for this task would be great, as you would have the gratitude of three sorcerer-monarchs to fuel your greed. There is no deception here, our words and compensation are authentic. We must know your answer forthwith, as every moment brings Dregoth closer to his goal.”
The party appears to be deciding whether or not to back out of this situation. Lazerous decides to get snippy and blunt with them, making a very sharp comment. Unfortunately, Lalali-Puy, being the bitch she is, feels she doesn’t need to take it. Lazerous’s body crumples to the floor like a rag doll. In protest Pravh sits slightly above the floor, and sits down and starts meditating. The rest of the party shifts uncomfortably for a few minutes, and finally the party agrees to go forward.
“The key to defeating Dregoth,” begins the Shadow King, “is preventing his power from affecting you while at the same time being able to injure him. Few weapons on Athas can truly harm a Champion of Rajaat, and fewer still can counter their power. One such item was the Scourge of Rkard used to slay the Dragon, though now it rests broken in the magma of the Ring of Fire guarded by Sadira’s wards. But the Scourge is not the only artifact of Athas’ past, and not the only one created by Rajaat the War-Bringer and others since and before him. Dregoth had been slain before and it can be done again. When he was first slain two millennia ago several such items were carried by his killers to counter his power, and it is these items you shall seek.”
_ “Unfortunately,” the Shadow King adds, “two of the three artifacts were held by Abalach-Re and Andropinis, the former slain and the latter imprisoned in the Black, though some of their templars may know of their current locations. The third artifact was lost following Dregoth’s first ‘death,’ though rumors persist regarding its return.” The Shadow King once again sits back in his throne, and the sorcerer-queen of Gulg steps forward._
_ “The first item you shall need was once owned by the late Abalach-Re,” coldly states the Oba, “a large sapphire known as the Star of Badna. This perfect gem was unearthed from the mines of Raam shortly after the defeat of Rajaat, and was enchanted by the queen to act as a protection_
against arcane magic cast by defilers. This artifact has disappeared since her death, though my sources report that a former templar named Grogh-En may know the location of the sapphire. Be warned mortals, as rumors persist of a terrible curse that accompanies the Star of Badna. It is unknown whether this is hearsay fabricated by Abalach-Re or truth. You must return to Raam and discover the Star of Badna’s whereabouts.”
_ “The second item is another weapon created by Rajaat,” begins the ruler of Urik, “a sword known as the Scorcher. It was with this weapon that I dealt Dregoth his death blow with frightening ease, so much so that I threw the weapon into the center of the Silt Sea to prevent its use against us in the future. I had thought the Scorcher lost forever until news of a sword matching its description appeared in the village of Cromlin 100 years ago, though it soon again disappeared in the hands of an ex-gladiator called Vorr. You should begin your search for this weapon in Cromlin.”_
_ “The last artifact was discovered by Rajaat when he took control of the Pristine Tower.” says the Shadow King in a low, drained voice. “This halfling artifact is known as the Pearl of the Sunrise Sea, and was given to Albeorn—the true name of Andropinis—by the First Sorcerer to aid him in his quest to rid Athas of elves. The Pearl protects its owner from psionic powers like no other item on Athas, but also prevents its owner from manifesting any form of psionic power. This is likely due to the fact that the Pearl was created during a time before psionics. Regardless, to a sorcerer-monarch, the pearl is a double-edged sword, and the item was not with Andropinis when he was imprisoned in the Black by Rajaat two years ago. It may still be hidden somewhere in Balic. It is said that the hidden templars of Andropinis have a way to contact their former master. You should seek them, for only Andropinis would know the location of the relic for certain._
_ “With these three artifacts,“concludes Nibenay, “you stand the best chance of preventing Dregoth from completing his spell. Our divination of what the Dread Lord is doing indicates that his spell will not be complete for some time, at least two weeks. However, the more stages of his spells that are completed, the more divine magic shall disappear. You must find the three relics and confront Dregoth before the spell is completed, else we three must take action. Be warned! If we are forced to confront him the devastation to the land is likely to be vast, perhaps laying waste to the entire Ivory Triangle. This is another reason why you must undertake the mission in our place. Despite what you think of us, we do not wish to see our cities in ruin and Athas destroyed further._

The party goes and stocks up on some free loot, and decides to set off for Cromlin first. They ask to get teleported to the city, and a templar escorts them there. She then tells them not to fail and is swiftly gone again. The party starts information gathering and learns that a man named Jacksot Han is the man whos lived in the town the longest, and he can be found at the dirty lizard.

The party goes to the Dirty Lizard and ask around bout Jacksot, and seem to be completely ignored. Pravh decides to read some minds while his comrades are asking and glimpse from some surface thoughts that Jacksot should be in the back room sleeping off a hangover. Pravh walks up to the young man and taps him on the shoulder saying “Thanks.” The young man turns around and smashes his hand on Pravh’s inertial armor, trying to get to his face. He shakes his hand and the whole room turns into a brawl. The brawl started, and the new Ranger thought it would be fun to ad some weapons to the brawl, and promptly shot a dude with a crossbow. The bar, extremely angered by this, all turn on him and pull out their weapons. Pravh stuns most the bar while the rest of the party slips past the brawlers into the back room.

The ranger starts taking his blows, deciding not to use lethal force anymore and starts fighting back with fists. Meanwhile Jurgan finds Jacksot. After an amusing exchange, Jurgan gets the necessary information and relays it to Pravh telepathically, who goes and tracks down the trader who can lead them to the village where Korr was last seen. Jurgan pulls the ranger out of the crowd into the back bedroom, where the crowd shouts in glee about the half-giant rape they believe is about to go down. They both slip out the back window, and the party sleeps on a roof top for the night to not draw more attention to themselves.

They travel with said merchant the next day and after a full day of travel find themselves surrounded by a host from the prospective tribe. Words are exchanged, and for a paltry sum they learn about the last place where Korr was seen, being dragged by a great beast into a lair. They follow the guide, and after another day they get to the lair of the nightmare. There is a sheer, 200 foot climb up the cliff, and while getting up, the party is set upon by so-ut’s, Athasian Ravagers that destroy metal. A mighty battle rages on, where Jurgan continuously throws one off and pelts him with rocks as he run up the cliff face. The two archers flee in terror, then come back with some fight left in their step, the Halfling single-handedly destroying one so-ut. The ranger gets eaten by one So-ut, who is subsequently thrown down a cliff, and the rangers body shatters on the ground below.

With them defeated, they loot a little, and find the long tunnel into the cave is filled with webbing. They cut through the webbing right into a group of friendly spiders. The party, going first, attacks the friendly spiders and starts smashing them to ribbons. The spiders, being the gangsta they are, tell the party to stop smashing them. There is a short Parley where Pravh telepathically links up with the queen spider and learns that a Drake is in possession of the scorcher. The queen offers them passage through her works, for a share of the beasts treasure, and Pravh agrees. They are led through the tunnel to the entrance to the stairs that lead to the drake…..



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