Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 15: 7/22/2012

How to Kill a Drake and a 4000 year Old Psion

Da part 2 v1.1.pdf.pdf   adobe acrobat proToday’s journey began with the entrance into the drake’s lair. Battle ensues, and pretty quickly Raymus is swallowed whole, while Rotal delivers very signifigant damage every round, dealing probably 80% of the damage singlehandedly. Go archer!! The battle really much of a threat, I thought it would be harder, but alas the party kicked some ass. They find an odd robe along with The Scorcher, and Figaro nuts his pants with joy at the love of his new sword.

The party decides they’d like too report back to the spiders. As the party enters the main chamber where the spider’s whole is, Figaro decides to throw himself down the whole. Pravh tries to stop him, but is unable to stop the pure force of Figaro. Battle ensues. The party is rampaged on the top floor, but true to form, these spiders go down with a good acid breathe from Pravh, while Jurgan, Rotal and Raymus smash up the remainders. Figaro manages to hold onto his blade as he is compelled to drop it, and is assaulted with foul magic and psionics. As Pravh weakens the strands with his acid breath, Figarro struggles free and throws up a wall of flame, forcing the spiders to flee. Pravh flies down through the stinking cloud and crushes the spider Queens mind, causing the remaining followers to flee. Rotal, being a savage Halfling, destroys the fleeing spiders on their way out the door. Pravh destroys the spider queens eggs, and forces her to serve as Figaro’s mount, or face death. She agrees, and the party teleports back to Raam.

The party wisely seeks out the aid of Hukaa New Moon and Keelorr Dark Moon. Keelorr greets the party, and after a brief exchange of pleasantries, she deduces that the party is likely here for some cause. The party agrees and tells her they seek the star. Being hugely indebted to the party, she agrees to not only gather this information, but do it for them for free, but that her debt to them will be repaid with this act. This turns out to be very useful, as she sends her spies under deep cover to gather even more information, and by mid-morning the next day, and says it should be in a sepulcher in the palace district.

The party enters, and encounters a night skitter, who does a little damage to the party, but is dispatched relatively quickly. They explore, and find a minor psionic tattoo and a secret door. As the party starts traveling down, they are super paranoid and search for traps every 5 feet, which is hilarious as there are no traps in this entire place. They find another secret door, that the party goes through and enters a room with dozens of dead bodies, about half of which have had their head removed..

Rotal and Raymus sneak off ahead to do some scouting, and all of a sudden Raymuses psionic crystal shatters. A zombie comes out, with the star of Badna installed on his chest. The creature comes on and shatters Rotal’s widow maker knife he had just found. Rotal runs, and the rest of the party is holding their distance as this thing just eats magic items alive. Figaro has his psicrown shattered. Pravh comes up and hit the Badna with a Decbrate, and too late he notices a spell turning, and Pravh is wrecked as his power comes back on him and destroys his brain stem. Pravh drops to the ground, and Jurgan, Raymus and Figarro pounce on the zombie and beat his ass in a few rounds once they get up there.

The party loots, and finds a wonderful ring of mind shielding, bracers of armor +8, and the Star of Badna, which is a bad ass antimagic artifact.

The party takes Pravh and leaves the sepulcher. As Pravh is moving there is a shimmering and an ectoplasmic form shambles through, along with a man beside him. It walks towards the party.

“Hail Heroes! It is good to see that you have made significant progress in your journey. This is a good sign, it seems as if you might be able to bring down Dregoth after all. It is a shame this bastard had to die, but I can’t say he hasn’t had it coming for millennia. After all this time, the only thing that could kill him would of course have been himself. There is no need to let this be a waste though. We must take his essence, no need to let this opportunity go completely to waste”

The ectoplasmic form brings out a diamond and presses it up to Pravh’s body, and glowing gold light flows from Pravh’s body into the crystal. As the light starts to fade, Pravh’s body crumbles to dust in Figaro’s hand.

“Nevermind you about this. Don’t worry, if you knew the crimes of this one you would have been loathe to travel with him as long as you had. He might aid us more in death than he ever had in life. I wish you the best in the rest of your journey.”

The figure turns to go and then turns back around pulling out a whistle.

“I almost forgot. An ally of the veiled alliance who had sworn to defeat Dregoth has decided to retire and help the efforts in Tyr. He earned this as a favor from the Avangion Korgunard. He has agreed to aid in the battle against Dregoth. Blow this whistle during your final confrontation, if you choose to destroy him, and you will have a powerful ally for that fight. He is at the ready and knows of the timeline. While significantly more dangerous than just interrupting the spell, it would be in the best interest of everyone involved, especially yourselves, to destroy this beast permanently. Anyway, I now leave you with an ally to replace your fallen comrade. Now meet New PC Here!.”

And the shambling form disappears, as the party now has a new ally.



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