Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 17: 9/16/2012

The End!

So, the party skips the bogo forest and moles field by flying over them, probably a good idea so they don’t get horrible transformations. As they approached the tower, they flew around it, and realized there was only one entrance. They flew down, and spotted some spirits ahead. As they approached the spirits asked Figarro if they could accompany the party to try and help them defeat Dregoth. Figarro accepted their help, and the party followed them through the pristine tower. As they got to the top of the stairs the saw their old friend Zar’kat Daar, the big captain at the end of the Dray invasion.

Everyone busts out some attacks, and the shadows charge forward and warn the party to avoid hits here. This battle is short with Figarro disarming and knocking him prone, though Zephash smashed him with a disintegrate. After they made short work of him, they called on Kornugard.

Kornugard greeted the party, and realized that the party was much different from the one that protected him, but he could sense that Dregoth was close, and confirmed that that is why he was there. The party told him, and he told them that they needed to disrupt the spell. He asked Jurgan if he would do it, as Dregoth is slayer of giants. He then told the party they could sleep. That night he took Figarro aside and said he would fuse with him, but that they would be the target of all attacks. Figarro agreed.

The next morning, Kornugard buffed the entire party and fused with Figarro, making him bad ass. The party walked through the void, and walked into the Steeple Of Crystals:

You’ve arrived at your destination—the Steeple of Crystals of the Pristine Tower. You see the entire chamber made of white onyx. The top of the tower is a large crystal dome. Near the top of the dome, an enormous steel ring, suspended in the center of the tower, is attached to the walls by three bars. Seven enormous gems —a ruby, an amethyst, an emerald, a sapphire, an opal, a diamond, and an aquamarine—are set in the steel ring. Protruding from the ring are six bars supporting another steel collar. The floor of the room is a dome-shaped mirror. The most imposing aspect of the chamber,
however, is the figure of Dregoth the Undead Dragon-King standing directly below the empty
ring at his imposing full height of over thirty feet. Beams of light filtering through the seven
gems come together high above forming a scintillating ray that passes through the empty circlet, bathing the Dread Lord directly beneath. The mystical chanting of the undead sorcerer-king can be heard from the chamber’s entrance, its eerie words sending a shiver down your spine. The only other things apparent in the chamber are small obsidian orbs.

Battle immense with Jurgan and Zephash unleashing blasts and Kornugard controlling their body to lock down the room. Dregoth is a beast, but the party unleashes holy hell. Rotal and Figarro both have trouble hitting, but do some damage when they are. Zephash goes invisible and luckily Dregoth doesn’t have blindsight, and Zephash does some smack down with Acid Arrows. Jurgan picks up the stones around and smash Dregoth in the face with them. After Figarro almost dies twice, Jurgan picks up the final rock, and hurls it at Dregoth, smashing him down before he finishes off Figarro. Dregoth screams and crumbles to dust as he perishes once and for all. The party gather up the resources, and closes up all loose ends.

The Sorcerer-Kings uphold their end of the bargain and give the players 5000 GP’s a piece, except for Figarro who they allow to keep to sword Scorcher. On top of that, they give everyone an extra 1000 GP’s for actually killing Dregoth. They take the Star of Badna from the party, which is actually horribly cursed, and allow the party to return the Pearl of the Sunrise Sea to the Shadow Templars.

The party has saved Athas from Dregoth ascending to godhood, but the world of Athas is still plagues by the elemental conduits going haywire, so energy goes all over the place and divine magic is still absent.



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