Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 6: 12-18-2011

Assassins, Desert Woes, and Tyr Bleeds Dry

Council Meeting

The party begins their journey in Tyr by, well obviously, selling a lot of loot. After some exploring, they were finally able to locate a junk merchant who offered them the best deal, and gave them a slight discount at his shop. He was an elf by the name of Saeleth. He had a little bit of everything, and most the party was able to locate at least one item they wanted.

Akus went to visit the Veiled Alliance, to trade the body/spellbook of the wizard they had killed in the desert, Hespulto. While there, Sadira approached him, and inquired about Kornugard. After a brief discussion, she was very pleased with him, and gave Akus a wand as a token of her appreciation for the help he had provided for aged Wizard, and the good it would do for the Tyr region in general.

Tyrian Conspiracy Part 3

The party met back up, and Vyndaeth was now wounded. The party not asking any questions healed him up, and the party went to craft, study and sleep for the rest of the day. The next morning Mider and Vyndaeth went to meet up with their mysterious contact. After a brief discussion a dagger flew into an open window and, sinking into Vyndaeths arm, poisoning him. The party’s contact asked them to meet her at the Golden Inix the next day at noon. The party spent the rest of the day crafting, resting and studying. The decided to get a room at the Golden Inix, as their contact had told them it was a safer inn.

The party met her the next morning, and she revealed herself to be Talara Vordon, the cousin of Thaxos Vordon. She pays them for their work so far, and asks that the party aid her in a matter of following Nadar out to Altarusk. Supposedly he is going there to renegotiate a deal, but it is odd because the deal was just recently negotiated. She offers them 45 gold, and the party agrees.

On their way out, the party is ambushed by flying daggers. Down the alley is the halfling assassin again, and he quickly drops Akus. The rest of the party flings into action, and the halfling runs up the building, where he is quickly held. Vyndaeth finishes him off with a coup de gras and the party continues on their way.

On their way out they get stopped by templars at the gate to the city. It is odd as they are the only ones being stopped. A quick bribe later they are on their way. They travel on, and Nadar stops in Fort Amber for the night. Vyndaeth wants to go exploring, and using invisibility and his newly acquired boots of spider climbing to scout the castle. Trying to eavesdrop into the fort, he is not able to make out much, sounds like a normal social gathering. So on his way out he rigs the wheels on Nadar’s wagons to fall off.

The next day the caravan doesn’t make it very far, as they have to deal with their wheels falling off. The next two days go by uneventfully, except for meeting a dehydrated elf. The party decides to shade him and give him water. When he recovers some, he tells the party that he is a Wind Rider, and that they had been hired by Nadar to attack his caravan. The elf leaves the next morning.

On the third day Nadar veers off the path and starts heading south east, and the party follows him. The party is set upon by desert giants, and Akus quickly charms one of them. The other one fights with all his might, and while causing significant damages, he just isn’t able to subdue the party, and ends up falling. Mider raises the fallen giant as a new pet, while Akus brings his along for fun.

When the party gets closer to the looming mountain range, they notice that the bulk of the caravan is at the base of a mountain path, with a few guards posted there. Deciding that discretion is the greater part of valor they send Vyndaeth in to the mountain range alone. He goes up, and has a clear view of the giant camp. He quaffs a potion of invisibility and makes his way down there. He acts as one of the troops, and tries to eave drop on the tent with Nadars mul bodyguard outside it. He makes out a few words, but nothing concrete. Then Nadar and another man, step out of the tent. The other man gives a speech to his troops, and Vyndaeth attempts to get inside his tent, where he is easily spotted. Vyndaeth D-doors to the top of the mountain range, and in a minute the man is on him, with seven troops, questioning him. Vyndaeth feels the probing in his mind, and the man tells them to dispatch of him, and teleports off.

Vyndaeth takes off, and manages to lose most the pursuers. One is fast, and the other keeps d-dooring around him. He makes it to the cliffs edge and runs straight down, but the man d-doors to the bottom, and the girl appears to catfall after him. Vyndaeth runs along the side of the cliff for a while, and then, seeing no alternative runs down to engage in battle. He manages to take them both out, and then makes for the rest of the party, on the other side of the mountain range.

Meanwhile, everyone else see’s a large group come out of the mountain range and start heading their direction. A smaller group also cuts around the Mayhem. The party sends their caravan to the marauders, and use their giants to make a quick escape. Using giants and haste, they easily evade their pursuers.

The party and Vyndaeth both head towards town separately. When they arrive, they learn there has been several assassinations going on, and that there is a City Council Meeting going on at the moment. They decide to attend.

The Council Meeting(yes this is a copy and paste!):

Senior Templar Gennet in the Bureau of Finance was murdered last night. The templars accuse the merchants of being responsible as recent tax reforms were bound to cause anger in that faction. Master Sintha of House Valex retorts that the templars are well-known for their scheming and internal bickering. “It is just too bad an innocent merchant became a victim to their treacherous ways.”, Sintha adds, referring to the fact that Rowen the Tailor, the Council representative from the Caravan Way was also found dead this morning. This results in a wail of commotion between the templars and merchants present.
Then someone shouts that the Preservers, being the only faction the assassins didn’t murder any prominent characters in, must be responsible. Sadira of Tyr rises to counter the claim, and the Council chambers are reduced to a chaotic forum of accusations, threats and arguments. Senator Vildeen Tyrthani manages to silence the parties, but the Senator Turax blurts out “Which one of you three wants to take responsibility for the attempted murder on the noble Senator Trevalis Minthur?”, resulting in an outburst from the crowd.
The crowd finally falls to silence as the aging patriarch of House Vordon rises from his position among seated spectators. “If I may, senators, honored templars, respected nobles, and fellow tradesmen – citizens of Tyr.” Thaxos begins.
The council chambers become utterly silent. “It is evident that someone is trying to sow discontent among Tyr’s people and its political factions. This night’s bloodshed and cowardly attacks, and the fact that the city guard has been unable to find the perpetrators means that no one is safe in our free city.” Thaxos Vordon clears his throat. “I for one will not let our city fall victim to assassins and those who employ them to take away our freedom. I will not yield. I do not doubt that you are present now, traitor, gloating at your deeds, so hear my words. I am not afraid to incur your wrath. Send your assassins, coward, or speak up now, if you are brave enough.” The crowd’s roars grow as the aging tradelord speaks, and end in wild applause to his finishing remarks. Thaxos bows slightly as he smiles and raises his palm, gesturing slowly for the crowd to fall silent again. His face suddenly turns gravely
serious as he continues. “Sadly the city guard is unable to protect Tyr’s citizens… “
Captain Zalcor rises to object, but Timor, the Senior Templar and Minister of Tyr, gestures for him to remain seated, passing a short nod to the captain of the city guard. Thaxos continues uninterrupted. “…. and thus I see it as my sworn duty to Tyr and her citizens, to put an end to these outrageous murders, and at the same time put an end to the criminal threat in the Warrens.” The people applaud the aging tradelord once again.
The senior templar signals for Zalcor to raise his objection. “All that sounds fine and well, Lord Thaxos, but how will you make truth out of your words, if you don’t mind me asking?” Thaxos turns to face Zalcor and bows slightly before addressing theveteran guardsman. “Of course, my dear Captain Zalcor. I mean no disrespect to the City guard, but it is evident matters are out of control. What if more murders were to take place? We would soon no longer have a Council to lead us. Where you have failed to succeed, my experienced guards and agents might have something to contribute. My resources are at the city’s disposal, as they have always been. Was it not House Vordon that kept the citizens of Tyr fed during the chaotic times following our despotic sorcerer-king’s death – and did we ask for anything in return? No. Nor do we ask anything in return this time, except permission to lend our aid.” The people once again applaud the trade patriarch of House Vordon.
Timor, the Senior templar and Minister of Tyr rises after conferring quickly with Sadira, and Rikus who has been paying close attention to the discussion between the various parties. “The city thanks you for your generous offer, Lord Thaxos, but the Council has faith in the city guard. Investigations are being conducted as we speak, and I assure you that all resources are allocated in our search for the one responsible for the assassinations.” Timor gives a slight bow, but receives a dissatisfied growl from the crowd. Someone calls out that the assassins could be
halfway to Urik or some other rivaling city-state by now. Another voice shouts that it is foolish not to accept offers of aid from the ones who can afford to help. A third voice says that the city guard has nothing to lose except its pride if House Vordon’s agents resolve the matter. Lord Thaxos stands, smiling with his hands folded on his back as the roars of the crowd demand his intervention.
Thaxos finally raises his hand and the people become quiet. “The people of Tyr have spoken. I will put an end to the threats within our fair city, so the Council can focus its efforts on the enemies outside Tyr’s walls in the future.” For that speech, Thaxos receives a standing ovation. Sadira, Timor and Rikus look to one another and shake their heads slowly, clearly dissatisfied with the people’s reaction, while Thaxos enjoys the crowd’s ovations.

Talara meets with the party, and they make plans to go after house Troika..



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