Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 7: 1-8-2012

Infiltration, Assassination, and a Winning Gamble


The party starts off Talking with Talara, who is telling the party that they must infiltrate House Troika to find proof of what Thaxos is up to. The party agrees, and starts off hunting for a house Troika guard that is off duty. They find one drinking at a local establishment. They make a ruckus and poison his beverage, causing the guard to go crazy. They subdue the guard and his friend says he’ll help them walk him home. When they get him down the street, they take out the friend as well and take them to a nearby establishment and up to two different rooms.

The party decides to infiltrate the guards friend first, who happens to be a carpenter. They wake him up, and realize in about a minute that this guy knows nothing about House Troika, but they think its funny, and continue to interrogate him on how to make different pieces of furniture, before they knock him out again.

The party decides to infiltrate the House Troika complex and look for the information they need there. The party initially tries to go in the front of the complex, and one of them even disguises as a House Troika guard. The guards start to question them pretty incessantly, and the party tries to use the name drop on Thaxos. Unfortunately, the guards not knowing that Thaxos is the true leader of House Troika, don’t allow the party any access, and the party leaves before any trouble arises.

They move around to the back of the Complex, and after a brief deliberation Vyndaeth decides he will go in himself. Vyndeath uses his slippers of spider climb to go up and over the wall, and sees a window he wants to go in. The compound is heavily guarded, so he just uses the Cape of the Mounteback to dimension door right through the window. He sees a desk, and the desk in locked with high quality locks. He picks the first lock, but it takes him about twenty minutes, it’s a tough lock. Vyndaeth decides its in his best interest to quicken the picking of the next lock, and uses an acid vile to damage it. He finds a notebook and a map, and after a quick over view he see’s that Talara and Timor are the targets of the next assassination, that is meant to be carried out tonight!

Deciding not to confront the whole of House Troika guards stationed on the complex, he locks the doors and starts a fire. In the commotion this starts he runs out the whole he burned in the roof and over the wall to regroup with the party. Vyndaeth decides he will try and rescue Timor, while Taliesin and Mider decide they will go after Talara. On the way to Talara’s Taliesin and Mider raise the city guard, and get several guards to go with them, and tell some of the guards to go to Timor’s residence.

Taliesin and Mider get to Talara’s house, and the door is locked, but they hear commotion inside. The guards bust down the door, and they all run upstairs. Talara is surrounded by a group of the assassins, and Mider and Taliesin recognize them as the very assassins that Vyndaeth had described to them as being at the desert camp. A vicious battle ensues, and while the party takes down two of the assassins, the other three escape. Talara is badly wounded, but alive and very grateful.

Vyndaeth runs into the compound where Timor resides. Timor’s personal guard lay dead around the complex, and Timor is in a vicious battle with four assassin. Vyndaeth and Timor manage to take one down, while Timor gets stunned, and they both get pretty damaged. Vyndaeth decides that living is better than dying, and picks up Timor and starts running for the wall. Timor and Vyndaeth take a devastating hit that knocks them both to low single digit HP’s, but he manages to stay on his feet, and escapes over the wall with those damn slippers!

The party regroups and presents the evidence to Talara. She says that this will have to be enough to take down Thaxos, and that she was calling the council meeting first thing in the morning, and she’d like the party to meet her there. The party meets her, and learns that the council has indeed agreed that Thaxos is a traitor, and when they sent the guard to arrest him, he had already escaped. The Vordon compound had an escape tunnel to outside the city that he was able to get through when he learned of the failed assassination attempt. The council asks one final favor of the party:

“Bring Thaxos Vordon back alive. He will be convicted in the Courts and exposed for the people to see his true motives for offering his aid. The tyrant Thaxos will be revealed, and the people will hate him for it. He must not be allowed to escape. A man with his resources could retaliate in the future. Bring him back alive. He is less worth to us dead. Good luck, friends. The city will reward you on your return. Mounts will be prepared and waiting for you at the stables by the gates.”

The party decides to take the short cut through the desert to cut off the enemy. The days are scorching hot, but between desert child and endure elements the party manages to avoid fatigue. Then two Soul Knives pop up, one on either side of the party. The female tells the party they were sent by Saurinon, and that they have been told to let the party go if they agree to turn around and not pursue Thaxos. The party debates it, but decide to fight their way out. The male warrior is a Sunderer and manages to destroy a few pieces of equipment while the female is a pyro, and just trips and blows crap up. The male falls, and she manages to escape. The male has only when thing on him, a wooden box. The party opens the box and find a magic deck inside. They each take turns pulling their cards, and get some amazing draws, with only one bad card getting pulled.

Deck of many things



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