Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 8: 1-22-2012

The Fall Of A Villian; Heroes are Made


Sorry All, this has been late coming, and I forgot most of the battle details, so it will be short.

The party set up a clever ambush for Thaxos and his party on the road they were traveling on. Unfortunately a scout triggered the trap early and Thaxos was alerted to the party. Thaxos broke from road heading south, to avoid the ambush. The party decided to pursue, and had a large battle with a group of Kreen Thaxos had hired to aid him.

The battle went on for half a minute, with the party getting tired. A group of elves shows up, and after a few words the Kreen break from the party to fight the elves, and then its the party vs. Thaxos and his group. It doesn’t look that good, between the fire whip lady, Thaxos controlling characters, A wizard throwing around some battlefield control, and the assassins the party is hard pressed, but holding their own. Taliesin goes down by an arrow eventually, and Vyndaeth is forced to flee from combat, along with the barbarian through mind control.

Eventually the enemy is dwindling, but Thaxos is holding up quite nicely. It is at this point the elves have successfully dispatched of the kreen. Then a discussion ensues:

Nadar steps forward, whispering “I’ll get us out of this mess”. He then addresses the elven leader. “Santhaal Wind Dancer. We meet again.” Nadar calls out. “Congratulations on your victory and thank you for saving us from the barbaric thri-kreen.” The elven chief shakes her head. “Nadar. I have lost many good warriors today and you congratulate me? You have a lot to learn. Tell me then, of your business out here.” Nadar bows. “I apologize. I spoke without thinking. I am thankful you came to our aid.” “Do not flatter yourself, even if we owe you a favor, we fought the kreen for our own reasons, not for you.” “Charming as always, Santhaal” says Nadar and smiles. “Now about that favor.” “Yes?” asks the elven chief. Nadar turns to you and looks at Thaxos before he smilingly says “Kill them all.” “Very well.” replies Santhaal. The elves reach for their arrows.
A single elf steps forward. You recognize him as the dehydrated elf whom you aided earlier. He calls out to his leader: “Wait. This human left me to die in the sandy wastes. These others showed me compassion and saved my life.” Santhaal gazes at Dukkoti with no hint of thought, then turns her gaze to Nadar and then to you. “You” – she says and points at you, “step back with the old man.” Santhaal pauses briefly before she continues. “You know, Nadar, we already repaid the favor by saving you from becoming a meal for the bugs. But I am feeling generous today, hence I will grant your request. “Nadar bows deeply. “Most gracious, my dear Santhaal.” The female elf smiles and turns to address her warriors. “By all means. Let him witness that we elves are true to our words.”
As the elves draw arrows and pull back their bowstrings, Nadar turns to you and makes a waving gesture. “Too bad you won’t be around to see me crowned as hero when I bring Thaxos’ body before the Council.” The sound of a dozen arrows being fired at the same time pierces the air. Instants later Nadar’s eyes widen as the arrows penetrate his body, and the trader falls to the sands dead. The sand is washed red with his blood and the faint desert wind blows stronger, whirling sand and dust into the air. For a moment the desert is quiet, then Santhaal repeats her words spoken in elven. “E’Komtii Matota. Maakotii Matota – Death to our enemies. Death to the ones who have wronged us.”
Santhaal Wind Dancer gazes down upon you with discontent to the visage of her fallen comrades and the slaughtered kreen you stand amidst. “Do not outstay your welcome. Leave while you still can.” she says coldly.

The party quickly loots a few bodies, and leaves on their way. They keep Thaxos subdued the entire time back to town. Guards meet them about half a day outside of town, and put a bug in Thaxos and take him back. Thaxos has a public trial, where he is found guilty of treason and conspiracy, and is subsequently executed.

The party is brought in front of a council, that includes Talara, Rikus and Sadira. They are granted the title of Heroes of Tyr, and are granted fair rewards from the leaders of the Free City of Tyr, not to mention they’ve made some powerful friends…and enemies!!!

Sadira approaches Akus privately and asks if he would like to join the Tyr division of the Veiled Alliance. She says she is most impressed by his actions and would like his personal council. Akus, being a huge nerd-fan of Sadira’s, quickly agrees and says good bye to the party. Vyndaeth decides to carry on with the party and says goodbye to his long time companion Akus.



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