Under a Bleeding Sun

Session One -

From Slavery to Freedom to Prison

The Arena


The party Trogdor found themselves in the grip of the slavery. They had travelled to six of the city-states of Tyr to be shown off as gladiators. Their prowess was noteworthy, and although many in group of Trogdor had been slain, there were still six going forward. Master Arin, a renowned war hero who had retired many years back to head up Arawn’s guard service, know in the arena as Loyalty. Silenja, a noble who had been well known for her deadly scimitar, known as Lion’s Bane. Mider, a silt cleric who was known as the Sandman. Kavarius, a gladiator known as Demos. Taliesin, an as of yet unclassified character- who is known as the Screeching Arrow. And lastly, a powerful half-giant barbarian known as Zivenja, the Big Foot.

The party found themselves going to the one city-state they had not battled in the arena at- Draj during the Flowery Wars. The Flowery Wars are a time of showing of warriors prowess in the city of Draj, where visitors come from all over the Tyr Region, some even from beyond that. As the party approached after their ten day caravan, they saw a great show going on at the front gate- two mighty warriors(at least if the headbands were to be believed) were fighting at the edge of town. The crowd around them was begging for blood as the two mighty warriors traded blows. One man lost his footing on a back pedal, and was caught off balance for a split second, and that second was all that was needed for the other mighty warrior to cleave his skull in two with his Macahuitl. The crowd, sprayed in blood went crazy, and the victorious warrior stomped on the fallens body, and added a feather from the fallens headdress to his own.

The caravan pulled through the city slowly, as there were so many people. It is said that the population of Draj more than doubles during the week of the Flowery Wars, and it certainly seemed that way. Eventually the Mekillot pulling the slave cart made its way to the Palace Of Gladiatorial Combat, a giant ten story high arena, ascending eight stories high and two below ground. The party is led to their cage where they are kept with about another 100 or so sets of gladiator slaves. The party attempts to gather information on what they will be fighting the next morning, marking the opening of the first days of the flowery wars, and after getting many glances like they were crazy for even asking, they called it a night to prepare for the next day.

The party watches as a few groups of gladiators go to the arena before them. One doesn’t return, and another only one man returns from. Trogdor is called out in a while and arming themselves at the edge of the arena, they can smell the blood soaked sand from thousands of battles fought in this arena. As they go out, they ready themselves in formation for their opponent, which turns out to be a Mountain Stalker. He looks kind of like a cyclops, except he has three eyes where the one eye should be, and two giant tentacles where his arms should be. The party makes pretty quick work of him, Big Foot, Loyalty and Demos charge in, flanking the beast on both sides dealing out vicious damage to Stalker, while Sandman forces the stalker to fall to the ground. Lion’s Bane sees an opening, and charges in between the flanking warrior, taking the beast in the throat and skinning him from ear to ear- upsetting at least one member of Trogdor who feels his kill has been stolen. The crowd goes wild and the party is led back to their cell, where Master Argonald comes to them, and tells them congratulations on making it so far, and he hopes they survive the morrow so he can grant them their freedom. He also warns them that the last battle is often treacherous and to keep a look out for foul play. Argonald’s clerics come and restore the wounded, so they can prepare to fight the next day.

The next day Trogdor goes through the same routine, and is ushered into the arena and face off against a Klar, a powerful animal with innate psionic powers. He represents a bear with giant claws. The Klar starts off the battle by moving up cautiously, and after he finds the most experienced combatant, which is loyalty, he unleashes a devastating mind thrust against him. Arin is bleeding from his nose, eyes and ears and is barely hanging onto life. Knowing he has two options, to sacrifice himself and give the others a small chance of survival, or to hold back and let the Klar finish them off, until, maybe one of them can destroy the thing, he throws himself forward. The party follows suite and is attacking the creature mercilessly. The Klar picks up erin in both hands, bites his head off, and tosses the body behind him. The party continues to beat away on the beast and the Klar uses more psionics and gives a flesh wound to Lion’s Bane. Then he truly turns the tide, and commands the barbarian to finish the noble, which Big Foot, now empowered and large herself feels compelled to obey. She smashes down on the unsuspecting noble, destroying her through the mid-torso and hammering the remains of her body into the ground. The klar grapples Demos and locks him into a vicious bear hug, draining the life out of him. Hope is almost loss, but the cleric unleashes a spell commanding Big Foot to command her ally, who is the Klar at the moment. Once again, Big Foot feels compelled to obey, and finishes off the Klar with a bone crushing smash to its back.

The Screeching Arrow takes it upon himself to loot the body of the Noble, who had two magic items upon him. During this time slots pull up on three sides of the arena, and they unleash Razor Wings that Trogdor must now contend with. Big Foot picks up the Klar and hurls it at one, smashing the creatures body yet again against the side of the wall. The party valiantly defeat the relatively easy foes without another casualty.

Argonald greets them on their way out, and officially release them from bondage. He says he is very proud, and gives them each five ceramic pieces. He wishes them luck and tells them they hope they find their calling and fortune as he has. The party exits to the street, and have their first taste of freedom in many months.


They decided it is time to rest up, as they are still mortally wounded, and they spend two days in an inn. They also sell their loot, and Kavarius get his Iron Battle axe mounted on his shield, and switches out his weapon for the Keen +1 Scimitar. During this time, the Screeching Arrow brews up some poisons from some regents he picked up and goes and makes a business transaction making the party another 700 ceramic pieces. Feeling like they need to upgrade their rooms, he goes and gets them two Luxury Suites at a local inn, at a very steep cost because of the Flowery Wars population boom. Mider also raises a Razorwing as an undead Zombie ally to help them on their way.

The next day the party splits up, with Mider and Zivenja going off one way, and Taliesin and Kavarius going another to look for work. Taliesin and Kavarius see a wizard get arrested by the Templars, and led to a stockade. Also at the stockade is an Aarokora, trapped in a cage and dying of thirst. The wizard, Tec’Tezeran seems to at least know about the heroes gladiator days, and offers them a reward for their aid. Mider says he will see what he can do, and Zivenja give the dehydrated Aarokora some water, saving the bird creatures life.

The party meets back up at the inn later that evening, and Mider tells them about the wizard, cleverly leaving out the part about a reward. They go to see the wizard early the next morning, all in disguises except for Zivenja. The party did not see a chameleon that followed them to their destination. Mider caused the wizards inside to catch a flames, and Taliesin demanded to know how Tec’Tezeran knew about him. The wizard said he would not answer until Mider was stopped from torturing him, but no one seemed to care, and Taliesin reached in with his white dagger and put the blade to the wizards throat threatening him. The wizard, burning in pain and realizing his assumption that Trogdor would aid him in his great quest, slit his own throat on the knife blade. Mider decides to make him speak in death, and the wizard tells them of a great evil coming from the Temple of Storms, that now, in his death only they can stop. Kavarius and Taliesin decide to sell the bird into slavery, but as they discuss this, Zivenja breaks the bars on the side of the cage and allows the bird to go free, who flys off into the night. The party, deciding they have made enough of a scene head back to the inn to plan.

Mider decides to gather information on the Temple of Storms, and epically gathers a ton of information. He learns that the greatest contributor to the temple is an artisan names Juanox, who loves pulque and has a shop in the artisan district. They buy a keg of pulque and go to see Juanox. Juanox, already drunk, has several more drinks, and while very forthcoming with his information, doesn’t seem to know anything of value. Trogdor decides to go see what they can learn at the temple. Taliesn makes his way to the front, and speaks with Rugar, who cryptically tells him to shed blood in the streets, and the party picks a mark from the crowd of a well known member of the Temple of Storms. Rugar gives a sermon telling them to be ready to leave in the morning two days time, and that they are about to make their great voyage. Unfortunately as they tail the man they fail to notice a chameleon that has picked back up on them.

They follow the man for some way, and Taliesin breaks off from the party to confront the man, probably to attempt to take his identity in the Temple, a grand idea. Unfortunately a group of about thirty Templars has the rest of the party surrounded and demands their surrender. The party, seeing no other way at the moment , surrenders to the Templars. Taliesin gives up on his mark to see where the Templars take his allies.

The captured members are interrogated, and Mider is forced to open his mind to a psion by the name of Imhoxata, for the pleasure of Namhotec. After a little torture, Namhotec is satisfied and allows the party to be put in the cells outside to die. Taliesin though has other plans. He goes and kills an on duty Templar who slipped into a whore house, and after paying a heavy bribe, is now perfectly disguised as a Templar. He confidently walks into the compound, and first walks into the room where the party’s equipment is being held. The on duty guard stupidly assumes it is time for his duty to be off, and Taliesin helps convince him that he is there to take over his shift, and the Templar eagerly leaves. Taliesin goes to the window, and signals to the rest of the party that it is him in there, and that he is going to attempt to help them break free. Kavarius, who has recently stored some acid on his body gets ready to make his move. Taliesin moves into the next room with the other guard, who instantly sees through the phony Taliesin, who at this point can’t bluff his way past an invalid. She calls for Imhoxata, which is surely to bring much unwanted attention.

Kavarius, seeing the commotion starts using the acid on the bars, while Mider has his Zombie bird enter the front door of the compound, were he spots at least a half dozen Templar’s heading down the hall. With the acid only half finished, Zivenja smashes the rest of the bars, and Taliesin prepares to smash a vile of poison in the templar’s face. And unfortunately, at this climatic moment we called it a night:(



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