Under a Bleeding Sun

Session Two -

Prison, Near Death, and Storm Lords

Venezuela storm
Summoning A Tyr Storm

Most of Trogdor found themselves in a precarious position of being trapped and equipment less, while Taliesin had just alerted the guards to their presence there. Luckily he had tricked one of the guards into leaving his post. During this slight distraction Karvius slipped his acid out and ate away at the bars to their cell, and he ran and very gracelessly jumped into the room holding their equipment, hitting his head on the way in and skinning his knee upon landing. Zivenja ran up and held the front door shut while Taliesin hit the templar in the face with a vile of poison. The templar, angry but unaffected, swung her Macahuitl delivering a minor flesh wound.

Karvius started putting their gear in one chest while throwing his own equipment over his shoulder. Mider made the templar drop to the ground, aiding Taliesin in his escape through the window. An invisible attacker hit Mider’s pet, severally wounding it. Zivenja hears from inside the building “Don’t let the reptile escape” and confuses this to mean they don’t want Mider’s pet to escape, when in reality they are hunting for Mider.

Then Mider’s pet falls, and there is shaking on the door Zivenja is securing. Karvius gets ready to take the chest and run. Taliesin escapes from the battlefield and starts turning into his normal self, remaining the only party member not to be hunted by the templar’s. All hell breaks loose when some guards run into the room Karvius is looting, being alerted by the loud banging inside. One guard charges him and deftly trips over his own feet. Namhotec charges into the room and attempts to immobilize Karvius, who luckily for him just laughs as the colors splash him in the face. The stealthy mul becomes invisible again and disappears while Wacahuitl surrounds Mider with a swarm of bats.

Karvius picks up the chest and jumps out the window, trying to distance himself from the Templars. Zivenja runs to catch up with him, and readies herself to take the chest with her. The Mul appears and viciously stabs Mider in the stomach, damaging him severely, as the bat swarm attacks him as well, bringing him within an inch of his life. Mider runs and jumps onto Zivenja’s back, ready to let her do the hard work. Namhotec attempts to blast Mider with magic missiles, but can’t seem to pull it off around the bend. Wacahuitl jumps out through the window and puts a flaming sphere in the path closest to the remaining party, While guards start running out the building at Trogdor.

Zivenja runs to the farther path while Mider moves to the front so he can better motorboat those large half giant breasts. The mul bursts out of nowhere, easily covering the distance between them. The flaming sphere rolls out and attacks Karvius, who jumps through it and only has one guard pursuing him, when a fireball explodes against his back, doing deadly damage to him. He bursts out of there and loses all signs of pursuit. Zivenja continues running taking an attack from the mul who then disappears. Unfortunately, where she comes out there are already a group of Templar’s, who quickly join the pursuit. She runs tirelessly as the guard continue to pursue, and for every guard that drops off, two guards appear in his place. Mider decides to start healing them, and is able to recover all their health. By the time they reach the gate, guards have assembled and are guarding the front gate. Zivenja charges at them, and they intelligently move out of the large giants way as she runs through. They head into the corn field to the south and easily lose their pursuer’s.

Unfortunately, a pack of Jhokar’s has stalked them and attacks. In her large form, Zivenja has no problem swatting them down while Mider heal bots her from atop her back. The battle is quickly over.

Meanwhile, Karvius retreats to an inn to rest, and sends Taliesin a notice through an orphan to meet him there. Karvius rests his broken body, while Taliesin goes shopping for him and brews a poison netting himself a tidy profit, and picks himself up a wand of cure light wounds. Meanwhile Mider and Zivenja rest up outside of town, finding a very secure hillock, where they have good visibility for over a mile away, but no one can see them. No one seems to find them.
The next morning Karvius and Taliesin join the cultist as they gather supplies and leave town for a yet unknown destination. Mider and Zivenja join the cultist, and join their party members, reuniting Trogdor. They travel the morning through, and rest through the heat of the day and all night, giving Mider time to raise an undead Jhokar to aid them. They try to figure out what is going on, but the cultist themselves seem to know less than the party. They take off the next morning, and travel to Fort Ebon, where two dozen guards and over 100 slaves join the group, and Rugar enters the fort to rest, readying for the nights journey. The party attempts to gather more information, with yet the same result, but they do manage to get some valuable trade in.

Rugar and his guards come out as the sun is setting and they travel about half of the night until they get to the base of the Mastyrial Mountains. Karvius wanders away and climbs the mountain, until he gets to the location where he thinks the ritual will. He rests in a small alcove. Early the next morning the group starts to travel up the mountain, while the House Tsalaxa guards break off from the rest of the party. The group is attacked by a giant scorpion looking thing on the ascent, and the heroes see it slaughter quite a few of the group members while they watch on. The caravan eventually defeats the thing, and the group moves on. After several long hours going through a mountain pass the reach a large plateau, where Kavarius readies a Molotov cocktail. while the group marches, and the slaves are formed into a circle by the guards, while the lower followers make two semi circles around them, and many guards are behind Rugar and Bakara. Rugar steps forward and begins a powerful incantation that causes lightning to come down from the sky and hit the first couple of slaves, frying them. After the bolt returns into the sky it comes down and hits Rugar, infusing itself with him. This causes the party to act before its to late. Everyone move to action, Mider silences his new pet, who charges forward and effects most the characters in a sphere of silence. Kavarius throws the Molotov at the closest cultists, causing a panic while Zivenja charges forward and gives Rugar a powerful whack. His guards move in, and one outside the silence zone blesses his allies. Rugar moves away and heals himself while Bakara steps in, and manages to trip over his own two feet falling prone directly in front of Zivenja. Zivenja promptly picks him up and throws him over the edge of the plateau. Mider attempts to control a templar, while Taliesin unleashes an arrow at a templar. Kavarius moves in trying to stay hidden in the crowd, but is the only one moving with any intention so Rugar notices him, and hits him with an enervation, almost killing him outright. Taliesin shoots an arrow at Rugar and Kavarius moves in striking Rugar hard. While Rugar tries to move away to heal, Kavarius get in one final blow, dropping him. The crowds start to disperse and flee.

The heroes quickly loot, and decide to go back to the temple and loot before the followers get back. They travel tirelessly all day and night to get to the Temple of storms first, and they do. We left off with them looting the temple, that while it had some loot, was much poorer than they had thought…



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