Hukaa New Moon

An Elven Trader that the PC's helped hold out against Dregoth's Army.


Hukaa is leader of the Night Runner Tribe, and asked the party to retrieve their stash of magic items, along with defending their position against the Dray Army. It appears she will be a powerful ally for the party in the future.


Hukaa New Moon has been chief of the
Night Runners tribe for more than 20 years,
taking over the role when her father felt the
weight of his great age slowing his once
lightning-fast reflexes. As Hukaa herself is
fast approaching middle age, she has taken
a greater interest in training her children so
that at least one of them will be prepared to
lead the tribe when she finally decides to
step down. For now, she sees that event
happening far in the future. Because she
understands the mercantile arts as well as
the shadow arts, Hukaa has striven to make
the Night Runners operate like a successful
merchant house. All operations are
organized and administered in an orderly
fashion, and all missions are viewed as
profit-making ventures. While she allows
her advisors and clan leaders the freedom to
operate independently of her control, she
likes to stay involved in the day-to-day
operations of the tribe. To facilitate this,
Hukaa requests frequent meetings and
updates so that she can stay on top of her
tribe’s activities.
The Night Runners learned of the dray
army when it began moving towards Raam
and Hukaa ordered all elves to the
Tradesmen District, to defend their newly
acquired territory. She realizes the dray
wish to capture live Raamites, and is
fighting tooth-and-claw to prevent her
people from becoming sacrifices to Dregoth.
Hukaa has sun-bleached white hair that
shines around her well-tanned face. Her
great beauty has served her as well as her
thieving and trading skills over the years,
and she seems to have only become more
beautiful with age.

Hukaa New Moon

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