Keelorr Dark Moon

A beautiful assassin elf


Keelorr is first encountered during the siege of Raam, and appears to be 2nd in command of the night runners. When the party return to Raam, Keelor greets them and helps them gather the information they were seeking, making their life infinitely easier.


Keelorr Dark Moon is an accomplished
assassin who uses stealth and misdirection
to complete her missions, much as other
assassins use poisons and ranged weapons.
She almost always takes on an assumed role,
pretending to be a beggar or dancing girl, a
serving wench or a common trader in order
to get close to her target and beneath his or
her guard. Her favorite role is that of an
elven dancer.
Keelorr’s dancing skills are so great that
she often headlines at the Tent of the
Dancing Swords in the Sky Singer’s market.
She lavishes attention on those she has been
hired to murder, flirting mercilessly and
dancing only for them. It is
her practice to give her
victims one last moment
of joy before she strikes,
making them happy
with her dancing, her
smile, or the welcoming
attention of her large
gray eyes. If she can make
her victims love her, even for
an instant, then she
experiences her own sense of
joy. Once this ritual she
loves to perform has been
completed, she carries out
her mission. Her kills are
quick, painless, and
accomplished with hardly
any struggle.
Keelorr has been mentioned as
the successor to the current master
runner of the Dark Moon clan, but
it is doubtful that she would
accept the position, for she enjoys
her field work much too well to
accept a leadership role. However,
during this time of crisis, Keelorr
has been selected as second in command to
lead the Night Runners in the fight against
the dray invaders – a role she quickly
accepted and manages quite well.

Keelorr Dark Moon

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