Magic Whistle - Owned by Figaro

A whistle to summon the Avangion, Korgunard


Antique silver whistle antique whistle

Can be used once to summon Korgunard. Korgunard has pledged to join the fight against Dregoth.


When the party aided Korgunard, he granted each member a boon. Akus asked to be able to call on the Avangion to battle Dregoth. Akus decided to retire with Sadira asked him to join the Tyr division Veiled Alliance. Akus was then asked by the Wanderer to give up the whistle for those who were still fighting Dregoth, and Akus quickly agreed. The Wanderer delivered the whistle to the party as they approached the point where they would be facing Dregoth.

Magic Whistle - Owned by Figaro

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