Star Of Badna- Owned By Jurgan

Magic Killer


The owner of the Star of Badna has spell
resistance 31 against spells cast by defilers
and spell resistance 19 against other spells
and effects

• As a standard action, the wielder can use
spell turning or a targeted mage’s disjunction
(DC 23) on a single creature affecting all its
magical items and spells in effect. Each of
these abilities can be used twice per day, at
caster level 20.

• Once per day as a standard action, the star
can project a bluish ray of light at a creature
within 60 ft. A target struck by the ray must
make a Will save (DC 23) or lose his
remaining prepared spells and/or spell
slots. If the save is successful, the victim still
loses half his prepared spells and/or spell
slots of each spell level (rounded down).
The victim chooses which prepared spells to


After asserting herself as queen of Raam,
Abalach-Re proclaimed herself the servant
of a greater power (a supreme entity named
Badna from which she and her templars
drew their power). This was, of course, a
fraud, as the being known as Badna has
never existed. Hundreds of years ago, Raam
had the most plentiful mines on all of Athas,
which produced alabaster, sapphires, and
emeralds before being mined out several
King’s Ages ago. The largest gem to be
taken from these mines was a sapphire of
over 200 carats, and was accredited to be a
gift to Raam from Badna by the sorcererqueen.
Called the Star of Badna, it was often
displayed to the general populace as a way
to dupe Raamites into believing their
destiny was controlled by a great celestial
entity named Badna and not Abalach-Re.
Nearly 100 years after taking control of
Raam, Abalach-Re discovered the intentions
of Dregoth to complete his dragon
transformation. With Borys of Ebe still
rampaging across the Tablelands, none of
the other sorcerer-monarchs wanted the
Ravager of Giants to attain such power.
Hence, Abalach-Re planned to lead the
other former Champions to Giustenal and
kill Dregoth. Following weeks of seclusion,
she empowered the near-perfect Star of
Badna with magical wards that protected
the bearer from defiler-based spells, as well
as granting other protections and abilities.
With the aid of the Star of Badna, Abalach-
Re and the other sorcerer-monarchs slew
Dregoth with ease.
Afterwards, Abalach-Re discovered that the
Star of Badna came with a horrible curse—
one the sorcerer-queen was not willing to
pay. Unwilling to give up an artifact of such
power should she ever need it again,
Abalach-Re instead bequeathed the Star of
Badna to several high templars over the next
2,000 years (usually those she did not like).
This cycle continued until Abalach-Re’s
death at the hands of Sadira of Tyr in Free
Year 10, after which the Star of Badna
disappeared. The last known caretaker of
the Star of Badna was a human by the name
of Grogh-En, who disappeared after the
sorcerer-queen’s death and the riots that

Star Of Badna- Owned By Jurgan

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