Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 17: 9/16/2012
The End!

So, the party skips the bogo forest and moles field by flying over them, probably a good idea so they don’t get horrible transformations. As they approached the tower, they flew around it, and realized there was only one entrance. They flew down, and spotted some spirits ahead. As they approached the spirits asked Figarro if they could accompany the party to try and help them defeat Dregoth. Figarro accepted their help, and the party followed them through the pristine tower. As they got to the top of the stairs the saw their old friend Zar’kat Daar, the big captain at the end of the Dray invasion.

Everyone busts out some attacks, and the shadows charge forward and warn the party to avoid hits here. This battle is short with Figarro disarming and knocking him prone, though Zephash smashed him with a disintegrate. After they made short work of him, they called on Kornugard.

Kornugard greeted the party, and realized that the party was much different from the one that protected him, but he could sense that Dregoth was close, and confirmed that that is why he was there. The party told him, and he told them that they needed to disrupt the spell. He asked Jurgan if he would do it, as Dregoth is slayer of giants. He then told the party they could sleep. That night he took Figarro aside and said he would fuse with him, but that they would be the target of all attacks. Figarro agreed.

The next morning, Kornugard buffed the entire party and fused with Figarro, making him bad ass. The party walked through the void, and walked into the Steeple Of Crystals:

You’ve arrived at your destination—the Steeple of Crystals of the Pristine Tower. You see the entire chamber made of white onyx. The top of the tower is a large crystal dome. Near the top of the dome, an enormous steel ring, suspended in the center of the tower, is attached to the walls by three bars. Seven enormous gems —a ruby, an amethyst, an emerald, a sapphire, an opal, a diamond, and an aquamarine—are set in the steel ring. Protruding from the ring are six bars supporting another steel collar. The floor of the room is a dome-shaped mirror. The most imposing aspect of the chamber,
however, is the figure of Dregoth the Undead Dragon-King standing directly below the empty
ring at his imposing full height of over thirty feet. Beams of light filtering through the seven
gems come together high above forming a scintillating ray that passes through the empty circlet, bathing the Dread Lord directly beneath. The mystical chanting of the undead sorcerer-king can be heard from the chamber’s entrance, its eerie words sending a shiver down your spine. The only other things apparent in the chamber are small obsidian orbs.

Battle immense with Jurgan and Zephash unleashing blasts and Kornugard controlling their body to lock down the room. Dregoth is a beast, but the party unleashes holy hell. Rotal and Figarro both have trouble hitting, but do some damage when they are. Zephash goes invisible and luckily Dregoth doesn’t have blindsight, and Zephash does some smack down with Acid Arrows. Jurgan picks up the stones around and smash Dregoth in the face with them. After Figarro almost dies twice, Jurgan picks up the final rock, and hurls it at Dregoth, smashing him down before he finishes off Figarro. Dregoth screams and crumbles to dust as he perishes once and for all. The party gather up the resources, and closes up all loose ends.

The Sorcerer-Kings uphold their end of the bargain and give the players 5000 GP’s a piece, except for Figarro who they allow to keep to sword Scorcher. On top of that, they give everyone an extra 1000 GP’s for actually killing Dregoth. They take the Star of Badna from the party, which is actually horribly cursed, and allow the party to return the Pearl of the Sunrise Sea to the Shadow Templars.

The party has saved Athas from Dregoth ascending to godhood, but the world of Athas is still plagues by the elemental conduits going haywire, so energy goes all over the place and divine magic is still absent.

Session 16: 8/5/2012
Don't dump skills or you might die!! Literally, so close to Dregoth!!

So, today’s game started off with the wispy Zephash introducing himself and explaining that he was a “Psion”, hahaha. The party was contemplating how to get to Balic, and Zephash said he could teleport everyone. Convenient, huh! So off they went and teleported to Balic.

Upon arrival they went and made their knowledge locals, and learned that the guy who runs the owner off the Lazy Mekillot is a half-giant named Mox who has some dealings with the head templar Asthira. So the party heads to the tavern, and Zephash starts by getting a drink, and keeping an eye out. There is a dwarven bartender, along with a small boy, two serving wenches, and a half-giant bouncer. The party solicits the young boy, and finally Zephash moves on to the bartender. The Bartender is finally convinced to tell Zephash where Mox is for a single gold piece, which Zephash bargains down to a 5 silvers. The bartender tells him to go speak with the half-giant bouncer, who as he approaches say "I’ll tell you what you need for a pound of salt and one gold.

The party rests for the night, and delivers the goods the next day. They are taken through a passwall, which teleports them to some tunnels far under Balic. They are instantly set upon by robe figures, who ask why they are there. The party honestly explains, and Asthira introduces herself as the head templar of Androponis. She asks for the parties oath to return the pearl of the sunrise sea and makes them agree to a geas before continuing. They agree, and after a short conversation with Androponis, and a few hours waiting for Asthira to retrieve the artifact, they now have it in their hand. Zephash convinces the party he should hold it, and shows that his
“powers” still work while he’s holding the stone, which has Asthira laughing her ass off.

After some shopping the party then tries to teleport to New Giustenal, but is thrown outside the swamp surrounding Old Giustenal. Weird? The party fails a crucial knowledge check, and knowing what they know they set off into the swamp. A battle commences with a bunch of pit snatchers, with the fatal mistake being made of Raymus forming his mind blade. The battle goes on, and the party is kicking ass, until the Caller in the Darkness picks up on Raymus’s using of psionics. The party continues the beat down, while Raymus runs to the ruins of Old Giustenal, and when there he starts killing himself. Unfortunately, when he goes unconscious the caller takes his soul, and Raymus is no more. The party mops up, and finds their comrades body. Figarro lays him to rest, and the party finds the passage way to the underground. After traversing the nearly 2 mile expanse underground, they come upon New Giustenal, and after much debate, they decide to send Zephash in to scout, disguised as a dray. He makes it pretty deep, and passes by a temple where he decides to go in.

Once inside there is much fanfare over Dregoths most recent departure to the Pristine Tower, where he will surely become a god. Zephash strikes up conversation with the high priest, and deceives him into believing that he needs to go to the pristine tower. The high priest gives him directions, and “reminds” him to be careful of injury as the slightest wound can cause horrible mutations to an individual. Zephash goes back, and tells the party.

The party starts planning how to get through the city, and decides to spend the hours on taking 20 to disguise checks to move through the city. They teleport in, and upon arrival they notice one dray giving them an odd look, and start to scurry off. Figaro murders his ass with Scorchers Slay Living ability, and then proceeds to have his spider mount eat the dude. I know, what a dick, right! They get through the rest of the city, and teleport out the gate to the south, and head off, resting just outside the Bogo Forest, very close to their final confrontation with Dregoth.

Session 15: 7/22/2012
How to Kill a Drake and a 4000 year Old Psion

Da part 2 v1.1.pdf.pdf   adobe acrobat proToday’s journey began with the entrance into the drake’s lair. Battle ensues, and pretty quickly Raymus is swallowed whole, while Rotal delivers very signifigant damage every round, dealing probably 80% of the damage singlehandedly. Go archer!! The battle really much of a threat, I thought it would be harder, but alas the party kicked some ass. They find an odd robe along with The Scorcher, and Figaro nuts his pants with joy at the love of his new sword.

The party decides they’d like too report back to the spiders. As the party enters the main chamber where the spider’s whole is, Figaro decides to throw himself down the whole. Pravh tries to stop him, but is unable to stop the pure force of Figaro. Battle ensues. The party is rampaged on the top floor, but true to form, these spiders go down with a good acid breathe from Pravh, while Jurgan, Rotal and Raymus smash up the remainders. Figaro manages to hold onto his blade as he is compelled to drop it, and is assaulted with foul magic and psionics. As Pravh weakens the strands with his acid breath, Figarro struggles free and throws up a wall of flame, forcing the spiders to flee. Pravh flies down through the stinking cloud and crushes the spider Queens mind, causing the remaining followers to flee. Rotal, being a savage Halfling, destroys the fleeing spiders on their way out the door. Pravh destroys the spider queens eggs, and forces her to serve as Figaro’s mount, or face death. She agrees, and the party teleports back to Raam.

The party wisely seeks out the aid of Hukaa New Moon and Keelorr Dark Moon. Keelorr greets the party, and after a brief exchange of pleasantries, she deduces that the party is likely here for some cause. The party agrees and tells her they seek the star. Being hugely indebted to the party, she agrees to not only gather this information, but do it for them for free, but that her debt to them will be repaid with this act. This turns out to be very useful, as she sends her spies under deep cover to gather even more information, and by mid-morning the next day, and says it should be in a sepulcher in the palace district.

The party enters, and encounters a night skitter, who does a little damage to the party, but is dispatched relatively quickly. They explore, and find a minor psionic tattoo and a secret door. As the party starts traveling down, they are super paranoid and search for traps every 5 feet, which is hilarious as there are no traps in this entire place. They find another secret door, that the party goes through and enters a room with dozens of dead bodies, about half of which have had their head removed..

Rotal and Raymus sneak off ahead to do some scouting, and all of a sudden Raymuses psionic crystal shatters. A zombie comes out, with the star of Badna installed on his chest. The creature comes on and shatters Rotal’s widow maker knife he had just found. Rotal runs, and the rest of the party is holding their distance as this thing just eats magic items alive. Figaro has his psicrown shattered. Pravh comes up and hit the Badna with a Decbrate, and too late he notices a spell turning, and Pravh is wrecked as his power comes back on him and destroys his brain stem. Pravh drops to the ground, and Jurgan, Raymus and Figarro pounce on the zombie and beat his ass in a few rounds once they get up there.

The party loots, and finds a wonderful ring of mind shielding, bracers of armor +8, and the Star of Badna, which is a bad ass antimagic artifact.

The party takes Pravh and leaves the sepulcher. As Pravh is moving there is a shimmering and an ectoplasmic form shambles through, along with a man beside him. It walks towards the party.

“Hail Heroes! It is good to see that you have made significant progress in your journey. This is a good sign, it seems as if you might be able to bring down Dregoth after all. It is a shame this bastard had to die, but I can’t say he hasn’t had it coming for millennia. After all this time, the only thing that could kill him would of course have been himself. There is no need to let this be a waste though. We must take his essence, no need to let this opportunity go completely to waste”

The ectoplasmic form brings out a diamond and presses it up to Pravh’s body, and glowing gold light flows from Pravh’s body into the crystal. As the light starts to fade, Pravh’s body crumbles to dust in Figaro’s hand.

“Nevermind you about this. Don’t worry, if you knew the crimes of this one you would have been loathe to travel with him as long as you had. He might aid us more in death than he ever had in life. I wish you the best in the rest of your journey.”

The figure turns to go and then turns back around pulling out a whistle.

“I almost forgot. An ally of the veiled alliance who had sworn to defeat Dregoth has decided to retire and help the efforts in Tyr. He earned this as a favor from the Avangion Korgunard. He has agreed to aid in the battle against Dregoth. Blow this whistle during your final confrontation, if you choose to destroy him, and you will have a powerful ally for that fight. He is at the ready and knows of the timeline. While significantly more dangerous than just interrupting the spell, it would be in the best interest of everyone involved, especially yourselves, to destroy this beast permanently. Anyway, I now leave you with an ally to replace your fallen comrade. Now meet New PC Here!.”

And the shambling form disappears, as the party now has a new ally.

Session 14: 6/10/2012
Sorcerer-Kings and Finger Fucked


The party is approached by a powerful looking High Templar of Nibenay, The Shadow Kings Domain. She asks the party to follow her to meet with her high lord, and the party seems to reluctantly agree. She teleports them outside of Nibenay which is surrounded by a very powerful force field. She explains it is to protect the city and prevent teleportation into the city. They are lead through Nibenay to the palace. It is a grand palace and they are lead to a back room. They meet up with an archer and crossbow caster, who also is lead into progression with them. For the first time, approach the sorcerer-kings:

With a wave of his hand the Shadow King causes the jade orbs to burn bright, illuminating the chamber to a near-normal level. It is then you recognize the shadowy figures for what they truly are, the sorcerer monarchs Hamanu of Urik and Lalali-Puy of Gulg. The look of surprise on
your face is evident, and a soft chuckle can be heard from the direction of the throne. The shadow king then speaks. “Introductions are uneccessary and time moves against us. Not
since the time of Rajaat’s release at the hands of the usurper Tithian has Athas faced so great a
danger. Dregoth the Undead Dragon-King, the Third Champion of Rajaat, is on his way to
becoming the first god of Athas. Unless he is stopped, all divine magic on Athas shall be lost
to all who do not pledge allegiance to Dregoth; and in his visions for Athas, there will be no
men, elves or dwarves – there will only be his dray. Dregoth must not be allowed to succeed.”
“The destruction of Raam was only a single component in the spell our fellow Champion casts to elevate himself to godhood, one he doubtlessly fabricated with knowledge gleamed from his travels to the Outer Planes. You might have felt the loss of divine magic from the Elemental Planes already. It is only the beginning. Soon all elemental magic procured from the Inner Planes will be lost!”
_ The Shadow King then suddenly sits back in his throne, for a blink of an eye his face is altered,_
revealing a dark alien appearance, but his illusions of a human face return instantly. The Shadow King’s face has a drained look upon it. The Lion of Urik steps forward, his bold strides carrying him with an air of authority that is difficult to disregard. “You must excuse our host,” Hamanu states, “for the power it takes to maintain the magical boundary surrounding the city can be taxing. Perhaps you’ve asked yourselves why you are here? It is quite simple really. We are in need of your help. The three of us cannot openly act against Dregoth without him knowing and allowing him to retaliate. In many ways Dregoth has already become even more powerful than the Dragon of Tyr ever was. The fate of Raam would befall all cities large and small should we directly interfere, and I would guess that all would be killed instead of just enough to power his sinister spell. Hence, we need powerful agents armed with the knowledge needed to defeat him, and with the continual loss of divine magic our templars would prove ineffective for this task.”
“Do you even realize what is happening here, mortals?” rudely interjects the Oba of Gulg after
viewing your trepidation, “Do you have any idea how magic travels from the Elemental Planes to
Athas? Our former master explained it to us once, having studied all forms of magic for over
2,000 years. Elemental magic travels from the Inner Planes to Athas along conduits. On other
worlds beyond this one exist god-like beings that gather energy from their worshipers along
somewhat similar conduits, but these conduits do not exist on Athas. Dregoth plans to move the
conduits from the Inner Plane to the Outer Plane, believing this will make him a god like those on other worlds, further increasing his power to unknown proportions. If he succeeds, only his worshippers shall receive divine magic and all that oppose him will be annihilated. Do you understand the peril now?”
_ “Though ill-mannered,” replies the Shadow King with an apparent second wind, “my dear_
Lalali-Puy is correct. Unless Dregoth is stopped, all divine magic as we know it shall no longer
exist, and the Ravager of Giants will reign supreme. After viewing your efforts in Raam, you are our first choice to oppose Dregoth’s plans. Defeating the undead dragon will be no easy matter, and you’ll be in need of powerful magic if you are to succeed, magic we’re prepared to give you. The reward for this task would be great, as you would have the gratitude of three sorcerer-monarchs to fuel your greed. There is no deception here, our words and compensation are authentic. We must know your answer forthwith, as every moment brings Dregoth closer to his goal.”
The party appears to be deciding whether or not to back out of this situation. Lazerous decides to get snippy and blunt with them, making a very sharp comment. Unfortunately, Lalali-Puy, being the bitch she is, feels she doesn’t need to take it. Lazerous’s body crumples to the floor like a rag doll. In protest Pravh sits slightly above the floor, and sits down and starts meditating. The rest of the party shifts uncomfortably for a few minutes, and finally the party agrees to go forward.
“The key to defeating Dregoth,” begins the Shadow King, “is preventing his power from affecting you while at the same time being able to injure him. Few weapons on Athas can truly harm a Champion of Rajaat, and fewer still can counter their power. One such item was the Scourge of Rkard used to slay the Dragon, though now it rests broken in the magma of the Ring of Fire guarded by Sadira’s wards. But the Scourge is not the only artifact of Athas’ past, and not the only one created by Rajaat the War-Bringer and others since and before him. Dregoth had been slain before and it can be done again. When he was first slain two millennia ago several such items were carried by his killers to counter his power, and it is these items you shall seek.”
_ “Unfortunately,” the Shadow King adds, “two of the three artifacts were held by Abalach-Re and Andropinis, the former slain and the latter imprisoned in the Black, though some of their templars may know of their current locations. The third artifact was lost following Dregoth’s first ‘death,’ though rumors persist regarding its return.” The Shadow King once again sits back in his throne, and the sorcerer-queen of Gulg steps forward._
_ “The first item you shall need was once owned by the late Abalach-Re,” coldly states the Oba, “a large sapphire known as the Star of Badna. This perfect gem was unearthed from the mines of Raam shortly after the defeat of Rajaat, and was enchanted by the queen to act as a protection_
against arcane magic cast by defilers. This artifact has disappeared since her death, though my sources report that a former templar named Grogh-En may know the location of the sapphire. Be warned mortals, as rumors persist of a terrible curse that accompanies the Star of Badna. It is unknown whether this is hearsay fabricated by Abalach-Re or truth. You must return to Raam and discover the Star of Badna’s whereabouts.”
_ “The second item is another weapon created by Rajaat,” begins the ruler of Urik, “a sword known as the Scorcher. It was with this weapon that I dealt Dregoth his death blow with frightening ease, so much so that I threw the weapon into the center of the Silt Sea to prevent its use against us in the future. I had thought the Scorcher lost forever until news of a sword matching its description appeared in the village of Cromlin 100 years ago, though it soon again disappeared in the hands of an ex-gladiator called Vorr. You should begin your search for this weapon in Cromlin.”_
_ “The last artifact was discovered by Rajaat when he took control of the Pristine Tower.” says the Shadow King in a low, drained voice. “This halfling artifact is known as the Pearl of the Sunrise Sea, and was given to Albeorn—the true name of Andropinis—by the First Sorcerer to aid him in his quest to rid Athas of elves. The Pearl protects its owner from psionic powers like no other item on Athas, but also prevents its owner from manifesting any form of psionic power. This is likely due to the fact that the Pearl was created during a time before psionics. Regardless, to a sorcerer-monarch, the pearl is a double-edged sword, and the item was not with Andropinis when he was imprisoned in the Black by Rajaat two years ago. It may still be hidden somewhere in Balic. It is said that the hidden templars of Andropinis have a way to contact their former master. You should seek them, for only Andropinis would know the location of the relic for certain._
_ “With these three artifacts,“concludes Nibenay, “you stand the best chance of preventing Dregoth from completing his spell. Our divination of what the Dread Lord is doing indicates that his spell will not be complete for some time, at least two weeks. However, the more stages of his spells that are completed, the more divine magic shall disappear. You must find the three relics and confront Dregoth before the spell is completed, else we three must take action. Be warned! If we are forced to confront him the devastation to the land is likely to be vast, perhaps laying waste to the entire Ivory Triangle. This is another reason why you must undertake the mission in our place. Despite what you think of us, we do not wish to see our cities in ruin and Athas destroyed further._

The party goes and stocks up on some free loot, and decides to set off for Cromlin first. They ask to get teleported to the city, and a templar escorts them there. She then tells them not to fail and is swiftly gone again. The party starts information gathering and learns that a man named Jacksot Han is the man whos lived in the town the longest, and he can be found at the dirty lizard.

The party goes to the Dirty Lizard and ask around bout Jacksot, and seem to be completely ignored. Pravh decides to read some minds while his comrades are asking and glimpse from some surface thoughts that Jacksot should be in the back room sleeping off a hangover. Pravh walks up to the young man and taps him on the shoulder saying “Thanks.” The young man turns around and smashes his hand on Pravh’s inertial armor, trying to get to his face. He shakes his hand and the whole room turns into a brawl. The brawl started, and the new Ranger thought it would be fun to ad some weapons to the brawl, and promptly shot a dude with a crossbow. The bar, extremely angered by this, all turn on him and pull out their weapons. Pravh stuns most the bar while the rest of the party slips past the brawlers into the back room.

The ranger starts taking his blows, deciding not to use lethal force anymore and starts fighting back with fists. Meanwhile Jurgan finds Jacksot. After an amusing exchange, Jurgan gets the necessary information and relays it to Pravh telepathically, who goes and tracks down the trader who can lead them to the village where Korr was last seen. Jurgan pulls the ranger out of the crowd into the back bedroom, where the crowd shouts in glee about the half-giant rape they believe is about to go down. They both slip out the back window, and the party sleeps on a roof top for the night to not draw more attention to themselves.

They travel with said merchant the next day and after a full day of travel find themselves surrounded by a host from the prospective tribe. Words are exchanged, and for a paltry sum they learn about the last place where Korr was seen, being dragged by a great beast into a lair. They follow the guide, and after another day they get to the lair of the nightmare. There is a sheer, 200 foot climb up the cliff, and while getting up, the party is set upon by so-ut’s, Athasian Ravagers that destroy metal. A mighty battle rages on, where Jurgan continuously throws one off and pelts him with rocks as he run up the cliff face. The two archers flee in terror, then come back with some fight left in their step, the Halfling single-handedly destroying one so-ut. The ranger gets eaten by one So-ut, who is subsequently thrown down a cliff, and the rangers body shatters on the ground below.

With them defeated, they loot a little, and find the long tunnel into the cave is filled with webbing. They cut through the webbing right into a group of friendly spiders. The party, going first, attacks the friendly spiders and starts smashing them to ribbons. The spiders, being the gangsta they are, tell the party to stop smashing them. There is a short Parley where Pravh telepathically links up with the queen spider and learns that a Drake is in possession of the scorcher. The queen offers them passage through her works, for a share of the beasts treasure, and Pravh agrees. They are led through the tunnel to the entrance to the stairs that lead to the drake…..

Session 12 & 13
4/29 & 5/13


Alright, apparently I missed a session in here. Anyway, there was a bunch of battles that expended resources and hurt the party, though they were able to gain back resources. They found the group of elves, who asked the PC’s to help them in recovering some magic items. The PC’s hesitantly agreed and were able to navigate the city without further incident thanks to the traders knowledge of the city.

The party found the tools the elves were looking for and made haste back to the elves. Shortly after returning the magic items a war horn blew in the distance, and the elves started making battle preparation. Harkuku Dark Moon asked the party if they could aid them in the upcoming battle, and the party reluctantly agreed.

It was a ferocious battle, and Kamdir, saving Jurgan in the process, sacrificed his life in the fight. The fighting was brutal, but Pravh defeated the head templar with a well placed save or die.

The party recovered and was richly rewarded by the elves and the nobles.

A few weeks passed and they were approached by a High Templar of the Shadow King…

Session 10 4-1-2012
The Grind - How to level a PC

Pzo1110 assassin
Vyndaeth is a Beast

I’m going to keep this brief as not much happened storyline wise. I realized the pc’s were a level behind where I wanted them, so I ground them on the way to Raam to gain that level.

The session starts with the trader Lazorous Calsteera meeting the pcs outside the Pyramid in Raam. He tells them he will pay them if they help him get to Raam, and as they are heading that way they agree. They sleep for the night and set out the next morning.

At the end of the first day they hear the sound of battle, and go to investigate. There is a lone half-elf singing and fighting off a pack of a few dozen Gith. The party rushes, well more of trots to her aid. The party just pretty much tears these guys up. The girl, Alaina, thanks them and trades tales with the party. She tries to bed Lazorous and then Vyndaeth, both of which refuse her. She stays the night and leaves early the next morning. The party checks over their gear, and they have everything still so they let her go.

Later on their journey to Raam they get attacked by Halflings with weird grafts. They take one alive, and find out these are life shaped grafts. The one the spared knows nothing more than this. They might have got a graft or two for themselves to keep.

The last encounter of the day was with some off Saurimon(spelling) minions, who came to collect Vyndaeth and Taliesin. Vyndaeth walked forward acting like he would turn himself in while Lazorous tried to talk them down. He talked crap about Saurimon, and next theng Lazorous knew it was hard to breathe. Vyndaeth walked up to his leader and deathblowed him – and -he rolled a 2 to save. I mean, come on, the guy makes it on a 3, WTF!! Then Lazorous made a convincing argument and rolled a 41 bluff check(I mean really again!) to convince his minions to back down. Thinking retreat to be the better part of valor they did.

As they approach the city, Vyndaeth decides to scout ahead to see what kind of trouble the party should expect from the sieged city of Raam. He was never seen or heard from again…

So there ended the grind!! What a way to go!

Pre-Session and Session 9: 3-4-2012
New heroes help old heroes bring revenge

First Map Tools Game – Fun!!

So the party, after saving the city of Tyr, decided to stick around in Tyr for some much needed R&R. The were relaxing, enjoying being heroes, when Taliesin and Vyndaeth started to wonder where Mider was. So they went to his house in Tyr (weird, I know, the deck has weird powers;) and found him assassinated, with two wrist-razor wounds in him and his head cut off.

Taliesin puts Mider to sand letting the wind carry his notes creating a dirge in his honor, while someone guides his spirit to better journeys, a silt priest of some type. Just the way the cleric would like it to be – all things rest in the silt.

So, about a week after discovering Mider had been killed, Taliesin and Vyndaeth are awoken in the late part of the night by a Tyrian courier. They are retrieved to the council chamber, where for lack of planning on my part and to help with getting everyone together, the new party is also there through their myriad channels.

“So, I was conned into coming here with an understanding that we could learn whats happened to our highest level of power.” Says the fire cleric in as boisterous a tone as she can manage. The elven water cleric continues “we have all just gotten here, you must let these things happen in their natural flow.” Before they can continue Sadira sharply cuts them both off and starts “My friends, we are gathered here today because something is happening to divine magic, as many of us are already aware. These friends..” She says motioning at Pravh and Kamdir;-) “have come as friends from Kornugard, and this one is the current apprentice to the Wanderer, who has requested to speak to the council.”
It grows deathly silent in the chamber for all of three seconds – then it begins – “The wanderer’s on the other side of the world”, “What a fools tale is that, he doesn’t exist” “how exciting, I can’t believe our luck” “I thought he went to save the world again, how can he help us..”
“Quite, All Of You” yells Timor, the head Templar of Tyr, all fall silent. He continues “We will conduct ourselves in a civilized manner, or else we are no better than a slave city.” Talara speaks up “I for one would like to hear what the Wanderer has to say, then I think we should discuss it.” The rest of the council murmurs agreement.
Pravh steps forward, and he projects through his eyes a hologram of the Wanderer. The man in the hologram is an interesting sight to be sure. He looks as a spirit of the land does, but almost has similar characteristics to Kornugard, including the sprouting of shimmering wings. Even through the hologram his power echoes through the room. If an aura was tangible, this one would destroy the council chamber.
“Good evening friends, because of the nature of my current business I’m doing, I had to leave this in my apprentice as a recording, so I will not be able to answer any questions, so I will be as thorough as I can be. As some of you have likely already noticed someone is drastically altering the connection of the prime to the elemental planes. I suspect something very foul is soon to begin, and I have called you all here to warn you. Make preparations, I have a feeling if this continues shadow will fall on Athas.”
“I am not sure what is happening, but I have my suspicion that this falls on Dregoth. He by far has more knowledge of the working of the planes than any other being on Athas that I know of. I do not know for what purpose he is doing this, but as we know the dragon, we know it would be for a dark purpose indeed. I can honestly say I fear as greatly now as I did when Borys tore through are sky.”
He pauses…no one seems to know what he’s talking about. Next time maybe he’ll remember his audience,
“I believe events are going to start moving very quickly, and that all present should be prepared to take drastic actions. That being said, I have forseen the newly made champions of Tyr being victorious over this darkness. I put my full faith in them in this matter, and am personally assigning them to take care of this. I am requesting that my apprentice and his friend also accompany you two on this journey.”
“As I have forseen it, when the dragon strikes, you must follow, but need not engage. Once there you will see an odd occurrence. Do all you can to aid, but don’t end your lives prematurely. An unlikely alliance will form, but it will hold if you do not betray. From there you will bring the stars, the sea, and the bane of the chosen. Make haste through mundane means, powers of the mind may unleash the caller. The traitors too aids you through to where magics start. Then, the last battles fought.”
The wanderer looks as if he moves out of a trance of his own. “So, my friends, I hope I can rely on you to do the right thing, and I know you can succeed.” With that the vision goes away.
The council is silent for a moment. Sadira speaks meekly “Well heroes of Tyr, may we call on you for an as of yet unknown service? Will you do this for Athas?”
And, so obviously, the party accepts.

Taliesin decides he needs to make his move against his enemies while he is still in Tyr. With the aid of the rest of the party he is able to learn some information on his enemies, but not enough so he continues to gather information. Unfortunately, he seems to tip off his enemies, and he is approached in the street by men asking why he is asking about the shadow.

Well, Pravh says yea right, and dominates the lieutenant of the silence, and he walks them right through their base and into the main building. While walking through, Malach sees them and decides to question his lieutenant. Well Taliesin says that he’s back from the grave and to tell Roller he says hello and combat ensues. So the party is tripping, grappling, dazing, dominating, all kinds of crazy crowd control. Jurgan grapples a wizard, and uses him as a weapon in a body bludgeon. Kamdir and Misha just tear it up, dishing out some serious damage. So Malach falls, and Roller and a Templar enter the fray. This pushes Taliesin over the edge, as he knows these are the last two that were directly responsible for an unknown plight. So angry is he, he uses poison against a bard, but at least he trips him ahead of time.

The battle continues, and the party is making a last ditch effort to grab bodies on their way out to loot. They start busting out windows and jumping down to the ground. They manage to bring Malach and Roller with them out the window, cause the want the loot. Jurgan just hurls the templar at the pilar outside, seriously knocking him up. A raging barbarian jumps out the window after them, and Pravh takes him over and sends him to fight his incoming allies.

The party starts heading for the gate, except Taliesin who quaffs a potion, becomes an elemental, and starts flying out of there. Vyndaeth runs up the wall surrounding the compound, and ajars the gate enough for everyone to get out of there. The party escapes pretty easily, and goes to distribute the newfound loot.

With Taliesin’s Vengeance complete, he decides he would prefer to settle down. Knowing that his enemies at the guild had defected and been vanquished, he settles down in Tyr and opens up a curio shop, at which he highly excels and is still running that shop to this day.

Session 8: 1-22-2012
The Fall Of A Villian; Heroes are Made


Sorry All, this has been late coming, and I forgot most of the battle details, so it will be short.

The party set up a clever ambush for Thaxos and his party on the road they were traveling on. Unfortunately a scout triggered the trap early and Thaxos was alerted to the party. Thaxos broke from road heading south, to avoid the ambush. The party decided to pursue, and had a large battle with a group of Kreen Thaxos had hired to aid him.

The battle went on for half a minute, with the party getting tired. A group of elves shows up, and after a few words the Kreen break from the party to fight the elves, and then its the party vs. Thaxos and his group. It doesn’t look that good, between the fire whip lady, Thaxos controlling characters, A wizard throwing around some battlefield control, and the assassins the party is hard pressed, but holding their own. Taliesin goes down by an arrow eventually, and Vyndaeth is forced to flee from combat, along with the barbarian through mind control.

Eventually the enemy is dwindling, but Thaxos is holding up quite nicely. It is at this point the elves have successfully dispatched of the kreen. Then a discussion ensues:

Nadar steps forward, whispering “I’ll get us out of this mess”. He then addresses the elven leader. “Santhaal Wind Dancer. We meet again.” Nadar calls out. “Congratulations on your victory and thank you for saving us from the barbaric thri-kreen.” The elven chief shakes her head. “Nadar. I have lost many good warriors today and you congratulate me? You have a lot to learn. Tell me then, of your business out here.” Nadar bows. “I apologize. I spoke without thinking. I am thankful you came to our aid.” “Do not flatter yourself, even if we owe you a favor, we fought the kreen for our own reasons, not for you.” “Charming as always, Santhaal” says Nadar and smiles. “Now about that favor.” “Yes?” asks the elven chief. Nadar turns to you and looks at Thaxos before he smilingly says “Kill them all.” “Very well.” replies Santhaal. The elves reach for their arrows.
A single elf steps forward. You recognize him as the dehydrated elf whom you aided earlier. He calls out to his leader: “Wait. This human left me to die in the sandy wastes. These others showed me compassion and saved my life.” Santhaal gazes at Dukkoti with no hint of thought, then turns her gaze to Nadar and then to you. “You” – she says and points at you, “step back with the old man.” Santhaal pauses briefly before she continues. “You know, Nadar, we already repaid the favor by saving you from becoming a meal for the bugs. But I am feeling generous today, hence I will grant your request. “Nadar bows deeply. “Most gracious, my dear Santhaal.” The female elf smiles and turns to address her warriors. “By all means. Let him witness that we elves are true to our words.”
As the elves draw arrows and pull back their bowstrings, Nadar turns to you and makes a waving gesture. “Too bad you won’t be around to see me crowned as hero when I bring Thaxos’ body before the Council.” The sound of a dozen arrows being fired at the same time pierces the air. Instants later Nadar’s eyes widen as the arrows penetrate his body, and the trader falls to the sands dead. The sand is washed red with his blood and the faint desert wind blows stronger, whirling sand and dust into the air. For a moment the desert is quiet, then Santhaal repeats her words spoken in elven. “E’Komtii Matota. Maakotii Matota – Death to our enemies. Death to the ones who have wronged us.”
Santhaal Wind Dancer gazes down upon you with discontent to the visage of her fallen comrades and the slaughtered kreen you stand amidst. “Do not outstay your welcome. Leave while you still can.” she says coldly.

The party quickly loots a few bodies, and leaves on their way. They keep Thaxos subdued the entire time back to town. Guards meet them about half a day outside of town, and put a bug in Thaxos and take him back. Thaxos has a public trial, where he is found guilty of treason and conspiracy, and is subsequently executed.

The party is brought in front of a council, that includes Talara, Rikus and Sadira. They are granted the title of Heroes of Tyr, and are granted fair rewards from the leaders of the Free City of Tyr, not to mention they’ve made some powerful friends…and enemies!!!

Sadira approaches Akus privately and asks if he would like to join the Tyr division of the Veiled Alliance. She says she is most impressed by his actions and would like his personal council. Akus, being a huge nerd-fan of Sadira’s, quickly agrees and says good bye to the party. Vyndaeth decides to carry on with the party and says goodbye to his long time companion Akus.

Session 7: 1-8-2012
Infiltration, Assassination, and a Winning Gamble


The party starts off Talking with Talara, who is telling the party that they must infiltrate House Troika to find proof of what Thaxos is up to. The party agrees, and starts off hunting for a house Troika guard that is off duty. They find one drinking at a local establishment. They make a ruckus and poison his beverage, causing the guard to go crazy. They subdue the guard and his friend says he’ll help them walk him home. When they get him down the street, they take out the friend as well and take them to a nearby establishment and up to two different rooms.

The party decides to infiltrate the guards friend first, who happens to be a carpenter. They wake him up, and realize in about a minute that this guy knows nothing about House Troika, but they think its funny, and continue to interrogate him on how to make different pieces of furniture, before they knock him out again.

The party decides to infiltrate the House Troika complex and look for the information they need there. The party initially tries to go in the front of the complex, and one of them even disguises as a House Troika guard. The guards start to question them pretty incessantly, and the party tries to use the name drop on Thaxos. Unfortunately, the guards not knowing that Thaxos is the true leader of House Troika, don’t allow the party any access, and the party leaves before any trouble arises.

They move around to the back of the Complex, and after a brief deliberation Vyndaeth decides he will go in himself. Vyndeath uses his slippers of spider climb to go up and over the wall, and sees a window he wants to go in. The compound is heavily guarded, so he just uses the Cape of the Mounteback to dimension door right through the window. He sees a desk, and the desk in locked with high quality locks. He picks the first lock, but it takes him about twenty minutes, it’s a tough lock. Vyndaeth decides its in his best interest to quicken the picking of the next lock, and uses an acid vile to damage it. He finds a notebook and a map, and after a quick over view he see’s that Talara and Timor are the targets of the next assassination, that is meant to be carried out tonight!

Deciding not to confront the whole of House Troika guards stationed on the complex, he locks the doors and starts a fire. In the commotion this starts he runs out the whole he burned in the roof and over the wall to regroup with the party. Vyndaeth decides he will try and rescue Timor, while Taliesin and Mider decide they will go after Talara. On the way to Talara’s Taliesin and Mider raise the city guard, and get several guards to go with them, and tell some of the guards to go to Timor’s residence.

Taliesin and Mider get to Talara’s house, and the door is locked, but they hear commotion inside. The guards bust down the door, and they all run upstairs. Talara is surrounded by a group of the assassins, and Mider and Taliesin recognize them as the very assassins that Vyndaeth had described to them as being at the desert camp. A vicious battle ensues, and while the party takes down two of the assassins, the other three escape. Talara is badly wounded, but alive and very grateful.

Vyndaeth runs into the compound where Timor resides. Timor’s personal guard lay dead around the complex, and Timor is in a vicious battle with four assassin. Vyndaeth and Timor manage to take one down, while Timor gets stunned, and they both get pretty damaged. Vyndaeth decides that living is better than dying, and picks up Timor and starts running for the wall. Timor and Vyndaeth take a devastating hit that knocks them both to low single digit HP’s, but he manages to stay on his feet, and escapes over the wall with those damn slippers!

The party regroups and presents the evidence to Talara. She says that this will have to be enough to take down Thaxos, and that she was calling the council meeting first thing in the morning, and she’d like the party to meet her there. The party meets her, and learns that the council has indeed agreed that Thaxos is a traitor, and when they sent the guard to arrest him, he had already escaped. The Vordon compound had an escape tunnel to outside the city that he was able to get through when he learned of the failed assassination attempt. The council asks one final favor of the party:

“Bring Thaxos Vordon back alive. He will be convicted in the Courts and exposed for the people to see his true motives for offering his aid. The tyrant Thaxos will be revealed, and the people will hate him for it. He must not be allowed to escape. A man with his resources could retaliate in the future. Bring him back alive. He is less worth to us dead. Good luck, friends. The city will reward you on your return. Mounts will be prepared and waiting for you at the stables by the gates.”

The party decides to take the short cut through the desert to cut off the enemy. The days are scorching hot, but between desert child and endure elements the party manages to avoid fatigue. Then two Soul Knives pop up, one on either side of the party. The female tells the party they were sent by Saurinon, and that they have been told to let the party go if they agree to turn around and not pursue Thaxos. The party debates it, but decide to fight their way out. The male warrior is a Sunderer and manages to destroy a few pieces of equipment while the female is a pyro, and just trips and blows crap up. The male falls, and she manages to escape. The male has only when thing on him, a wooden box. The party opens the box and find a magic deck inside. They each take turns pulling their cards, and get some amazing draws, with only one bad card getting pulled.

Deck of many things

Session 6: 12-18-2011
Assassins, Desert Woes, and Tyr Bleeds Dry

Council Meeting

The party begins their journey in Tyr by, well obviously, selling a lot of loot. After some exploring, they were finally able to locate a junk merchant who offered them the best deal, and gave them a slight discount at his shop. He was an elf by the name of Saeleth. He had a little bit of everything, and most the party was able to locate at least one item they wanted.

Akus went to visit the Veiled Alliance, to trade the body/spellbook of the wizard they had killed in the desert, Hespulto. While there, Sadira approached him, and inquired about Kornugard. After a brief discussion, she was very pleased with him, and gave Akus a wand as a token of her appreciation for the help he had provided for aged Wizard, and the good it would do for the Tyr region in general.

Tyrian Conspiracy Part 3

The party met back up, and Vyndaeth was now wounded. The party not asking any questions healed him up, and the party went to craft, study and sleep for the rest of the day. The next morning Mider and Vyndaeth went to meet up with their mysterious contact. After a brief discussion a dagger flew into an open window and, sinking into Vyndaeths arm, poisoning him. The party’s contact asked them to meet her at the Golden Inix the next day at noon. The party spent the rest of the day crafting, resting and studying. The decided to get a room at the Golden Inix, as their contact had told them it was a safer inn.

The party met her the next morning, and she revealed herself to be Talara Vordon, the cousin of Thaxos Vordon. She pays them for their work so far, and asks that the party aid her in a matter of following Nadar out to Altarusk. Supposedly he is going there to renegotiate a deal, but it is odd because the deal was just recently negotiated. She offers them 45 gold, and the party agrees.

On their way out, the party is ambushed by flying daggers. Down the alley is the halfling assassin again, and he quickly drops Akus. The rest of the party flings into action, and the halfling runs up the building, where he is quickly held. Vyndaeth finishes him off with a coup de gras and the party continues on their way.

On their way out they get stopped by templars at the gate to the city. It is odd as they are the only ones being stopped. A quick bribe later they are on their way. They travel on, and Nadar stops in Fort Amber for the night. Vyndaeth wants to go exploring, and using invisibility and his newly acquired boots of spider climbing to scout the castle. Trying to eavesdrop into the fort, he is not able to make out much, sounds like a normal social gathering. So on his way out he rigs the wheels on Nadar’s wagons to fall off.

The next day the caravan doesn’t make it very far, as they have to deal with their wheels falling off. The next two days go by uneventfully, except for meeting a dehydrated elf. The party decides to shade him and give him water. When he recovers some, he tells the party that he is a Wind Rider, and that they had been hired by Nadar to attack his caravan. The elf leaves the next morning.

On the third day Nadar veers off the path and starts heading south east, and the party follows him. The party is set upon by desert giants, and Akus quickly charms one of them. The other one fights with all his might, and while causing significant damages, he just isn’t able to subdue the party, and ends up falling. Mider raises the fallen giant as a new pet, while Akus brings his along for fun.

When the party gets closer to the looming mountain range, they notice that the bulk of the caravan is at the base of a mountain path, with a few guards posted there. Deciding that discretion is the greater part of valor they send Vyndaeth in to the mountain range alone. He goes up, and has a clear view of the giant camp. He quaffs a potion of invisibility and makes his way down there. He acts as one of the troops, and tries to eave drop on the tent with Nadars mul bodyguard outside it. He makes out a few words, but nothing concrete. Then Nadar and another man, step out of the tent. The other man gives a speech to his troops, and Vyndaeth attempts to get inside his tent, where he is easily spotted. Vyndaeth D-doors to the top of the mountain range, and in a minute the man is on him, with seven troops, questioning him. Vyndaeth feels the probing in his mind, and the man tells them to dispatch of him, and teleports off.

Vyndaeth takes off, and manages to lose most the pursuers. One is fast, and the other keeps d-dooring around him. He makes it to the cliffs edge and runs straight down, but the man d-doors to the bottom, and the girl appears to catfall after him. Vyndaeth runs along the side of the cliff for a while, and then, seeing no alternative runs down to engage in battle. He manages to take them both out, and then makes for the rest of the party, on the other side of the mountain range.

Meanwhile, everyone else see’s a large group come out of the mountain range and start heading their direction. A smaller group also cuts around the Mayhem. The party sends their caravan to the marauders, and use their giants to make a quick escape. Using giants and haste, they easily evade their pursuers.

The party and Vyndaeth both head towards town separately. When they arrive, they learn there has been several assassinations going on, and that there is a City Council Meeting going on at the moment. They decide to attend.

The Council Meeting(yes this is a copy and paste!):

Senior Templar Gennet in the Bureau of Finance was murdered last night. The templars accuse the merchants of being responsible as recent tax reforms were bound to cause anger in that faction. Master Sintha of House Valex retorts that the templars are well-known for their scheming and internal bickering. “It is just too bad an innocent merchant became a victim to their treacherous ways.”, Sintha adds, referring to the fact that Rowen the Tailor, the Council representative from the Caravan Way was also found dead this morning. This results in a wail of commotion between the templars and merchants present.
Then someone shouts that the Preservers, being the only faction the assassins didn’t murder any prominent characters in, must be responsible. Sadira of Tyr rises to counter the claim, and the Council chambers are reduced to a chaotic forum of accusations, threats and arguments. Senator Vildeen Tyrthani manages to silence the parties, but the Senator Turax blurts out “Which one of you three wants to take responsibility for the attempted murder on the noble Senator Trevalis Minthur?”, resulting in an outburst from the crowd.
The crowd finally falls to silence as the aging patriarch of House Vordon rises from his position among seated spectators. “If I may, senators, honored templars, respected nobles, and fellow tradesmen – citizens of Tyr.” Thaxos begins.
The council chambers become utterly silent. “It is evident that someone is trying to sow discontent among Tyr’s people and its political factions. This night’s bloodshed and cowardly attacks, and the fact that the city guard has been unable to find the perpetrators means that no one is safe in our free city.” Thaxos Vordon clears his throat. “I for one will not let our city fall victim to assassins and those who employ them to take away our freedom. I will not yield. I do not doubt that you are present now, traitor, gloating at your deeds, so hear my words. I am not afraid to incur your wrath. Send your assassins, coward, or speak up now, if you are brave enough.” The crowd’s roars grow as the aging tradelord speaks, and end in wild applause to his finishing remarks. Thaxos bows slightly as he smiles and raises his palm, gesturing slowly for the crowd to fall silent again. His face suddenly turns gravely
serious as he continues. “Sadly the city guard is unable to protect Tyr’s citizens… “
Captain Zalcor rises to object, but Timor, the Senior Templar and Minister of Tyr, gestures for him to remain seated, passing a short nod to the captain of the city guard. Thaxos continues uninterrupted. “…. and thus I see it as my sworn duty to Tyr and her citizens, to put an end to these outrageous murders, and at the same time put an end to the criminal threat in the Warrens.” The people applaud the aging tradelord once again.
The senior templar signals for Zalcor to raise his objection. “All that sounds fine and well, Lord Thaxos, but how will you make truth out of your words, if you don’t mind me asking?” Thaxos turns to face Zalcor and bows slightly before addressing theveteran guardsman. “Of course, my dear Captain Zalcor. I mean no disrespect to the City guard, but it is evident matters are out of control. What if more murders were to take place? We would soon no longer have a Council to lead us. Where you have failed to succeed, my experienced guards and agents might have something to contribute. My resources are at the city’s disposal, as they have always been. Was it not House Vordon that kept the citizens of Tyr fed during the chaotic times following our despotic sorcerer-king’s death – and did we ask for anything in return? No. Nor do we ask anything in return this time, except permission to lend our aid.” The people once again applaud the trade patriarch of House Vordon.
Timor, the Senior templar and Minister of Tyr rises after conferring quickly with Sadira, and Rikus who has been paying close attention to the discussion between the various parties. “The city thanks you for your generous offer, Lord Thaxos, but the Council has faith in the city guard. Investigations are being conducted as we speak, and I assure you that all resources are allocated in our search for the one responsible for the assassinations.” Timor gives a slight bow, but receives a dissatisfied growl from the crowd. Someone calls out that the assassins could be
halfway to Urik or some other rivaling city-state by now. Another voice shouts that it is foolish not to accept offers of aid from the ones who can afford to help. A third voice says that the city guard has nothing to lose except its pride if House Vordon’s agents resolve the matter. Lord Thaxos stands, smiling with his hands folded on his back as the roars of the crowd demand his intervention.
Thaxos finally raises his hand and the people become quiet. “The people of Tyr have spoken. I will put an end to the threats within our fair city, so the Council can focus its efforts on the enemies outside Tyr’s walls in the future.” For that speech, Thaxos receives a standing ovation. Sadira, Timor and Rikus look to one another and shake their heads slowly, clearly dissatisfied with the people’s reaction, while Thaxos enjoys the crowd’s ovations.

Talara meets with the party, and they make plans to go after house Troika..


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