Draj map

Welcome to Draj, where the warriors rule! Draj is where the warrior will feel at home, where he will flourish under the guidance and tutelage of equals. Let your heart fill with content as you watch the rivers of blood flow down the Great Pyramid. Stand in the shadow of the Great Skull Rack, and tremble in fear of the might of our God-King, Atzetuk. Come, the Flowery Wars await…

Party History
The party began their career here as gladiators. They fought their way out of the Arena and earned their freedom during the flowery wars. While here they killed a wizard, got arrested by Templar’s, and stopped a mad cleric from releasing an unknown entity from the Tyr Storm.

Known City History
Located on a vast mud flat in the northeastern area of the Tyr Region, Draj was formerly ruled by the brutal, expansionist Sorcerer-king Tectuktitlay. After his death at Rajaat’s hand in Ur-Draxa he has been replaced by his son, Atzetuk. Inspired by the Aztecs.


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