Raam map

Raam is a city exhausted. THe land can support it no longer. There are no treasure left to pluck
from the earth. The sorcerer-queen? She hides, knowing death waits in every shadow. The warlords?
Petty, feckless, and brutal. Dont waste your water on us.
– Gaurav, disaffected rebel

Party History
The City-State of Raam is a relatively free city- Abalache-Re, the sorcerer-king was slain by Sadira half a decade ago. The party has not spent much time here, and was really only here long enough to get employed to follow a caravan.

Known History
The largest city-state in the Tyr Region, Raam was ruled by the sorcerer-queen Abalach-re, who was disinterested in her city’s well-being. As a result, the city was always on the brink of rebellion. After Albach-re’s death, it is now filled with chaos, an armed camp divided among various struggling factions. Its inspiration seems to be the Mughal Empire of India with a dash of Pharaonic Egypt.


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