Urik map

I am Hamanu, King of the World, King of the Mountains and the Plains, King of Urik, for whom the
roaring winds and the mighty sun have decreed a destiny of heroism, and to whom life-giving
waters and nourishing soils have entrusted the mightiest city of Athas.
– Hamanu, King of Urik.

Party History
The party did a lot in Urik. One party member was killed, three were arrested, new party members were found, and the party had to pull a daring escape from the evil Templar Malestic with Kornugard in tow. All in all it was a blast.

The Veiled Alliance of Urik is fractioned, but both halves are happy with the party for their aid to the Avangion.

Known History
Urik is a highly efficient, militarized city-state ruled by Hamanu, the self-proclaimed “King of the World”. Urik possesses the strongest army in the Tyr Region, and Hamanu takes an active interest in his city’s affairs. Urik has become a closed city since the Great Earthquake, only rarely sending out trade caravans and remaining otherwise sealed. Inspired by Babylon and Uruk.


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