Pathfinder Under a Bleeding Sun

Session 16: 8/5/2012

Don't dump skills or you might die!! Literally, so close to Dregoth!!

So, today’s game started off with the wispy Zephash introducing himself and explaining that he was a “Psion”, hahaha. The party was contemplating how to get to Balic, and Zephash said he could teleport everyone. Convenient, huh! So off they went and teleported to Balic.

Upon arrival they went and made their knowledge locals, and learned that the guy who runs the owner off the Lazy Mekillot is a half-giant named Mox who has some dealings with the head templar Asthira. So the party heads to the tavern, and Zephash starts by getting a drink, and keeping an eye out. There is a dwarven bartender, along with a small boy, two serving wenches, and a half-giant bouncer. The party solicits the young boy, and finally Zephash moves on to the bartender. The Bartender is finally convinced to tell Zephash where Mox is for a single gold piece, which Zephash bargains down to a 5 silvers. The bartender tells him to go speak with the half-giant bouncer, who as he approaches say "I’ll tell you what you need for a pound of salt and one gold.

The party rests for the night, and delivers the goods the next day. They are taken through a passwall, which teleports them to some tunnels far under Balic. They are instantly set upon by robe figures, who ask why they are there. The party honestly explains, and Asthira introduces herself as the head templar of Androponis. She asks for the parties oath to return the pearl of the sunrise sea and makes them agree to a geas before continuing. They agree, and after a short conversation with Androponis, and a few hours waiting for Asthira to retrieve the artifact, they now have it in their hand. Zephash convinces the party he should hold it, and shows that his
“powers” still work while he’s holding the stone, which has Asthira laughing her ass off.

After some shopping the party then tries to teleport to New Giustenal, but is thrown outside the swamp surrounding Old Giustenal. Weird? The party fails a crucial knowledge check, and knowing what they know they set off into the swamp. A battle commences with a bunch of pit snatchers, with the fatal mistake being made of Raymus forming his mind blade. The battle goes on, and the party is kicking ass, until the Caller in the Darkness picks up on Raymus’s using of psionics. The party continues the beat down, while Raymus runs to the ruins of Old Giustenal, and when there he starts killing himself. Unfortunately, when he goes unconscious the caller takes his soul, and Raymus is no more. The party mops up, and finds their comrades body. Figarro lays him to rest, and the party finds the passage way to the underground. After traversing the nearly 2 mile expanse underground, they come upon New Giustenal, and after much debate, they decide to send Zephash in to scout, disguised as a dray. He makes it pretty deep, and passes by a temple where he decides to go in.

Once inside there is much fanfare over Dregoths most recent departure to the Pristine Tower, where he will surely become a god. Zephash strikes up conversation with the high priest, and deceives him into believing that he needs to go to the pristine tower. The high priest gives him directions, and “reminds” him to be careful of injury as the slightest wound can cause horrible mutations to an individual. Zephash goes back, and tells the party.

The party starts planning how to get through the city, and decides to spend the hours on taking 20 to disguise checks to move through the city. They teleport in, and upon arrival they notice one dray giving them an odd look, and start to scurry off. Figaro murders his ass with Scorchers Slay Living ability, and then proceeds to have his spider mount eat the dude. I know, what a dick, right! They get through the rest of the city, and teleport out the gate to the south, and head off, resting just outside the Bogo Forest, very close to their final confrontation with Dregoth.



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