Balic - The City Of Silt

Balic map

The crimson sun sets on the Silt Sea, the silt blowing into gentle waves that roll up into the city of Balic. The air takes on a silvery tint as the dust flies upon the wind, and everything is just slightly muted by the thick air. Ships rock lightly against the harbor, the crews working ever diligently, unloading their cargo and preparing for another day of trading. It has been this way for millenia. I doubt it will ever change.

Wander, my friend, for there is much to see…

Party History

Known History
The southernmost city of the Tyr Region, formerly ruled by the sorcerer-king Andropinis. It is situated on the edge of the Silt Sea, and is the only city in the region to have a tradition of elected government. Balic’s templars are elected into office (although templars that Andropinis does not want in power usually vanish), and public debate is allowed, except for any direct criticism of the Dictator. Compared to Ancient Rome.

Unlike most other city states, Balic is not ruled by a sorcerer king. It is unique in the fact that Balic in controlled completely by merchants – the Houses of Wavir, Rees, and Tomblador. How closely Balic resembles the old Balic, the one controlled by Andropinis, depends on which part of the city you enter. The area of House Wavir is definately better off, as the Wavir’s are more kind rulers than the last inhabitant of the White Palace. Those under the rule of Rees are likewise better off, but only as long as they produce for the profit motivated leaders. Under the lead of House Tomblador, improvements in condition are minor, and their rule is almost as cruel as under the sorcerer king.

Balic - The City Of Silt

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