Obsidian Wraiths

Black sand raiders

“They are a scourge, and should be wiped out. They ride in, their leader with his foolish iron helm, and terrorize honest traders, taking what they will. It costs more to avoid the area, but we make up for it with less cargo lost."
―Merchant Kelʹlich of House Vorr about the Obsidian Wraiths

Self‐styled warlords command each sect of the Obsidian Wraiths, but most are nothing more than bullies leading by ruthless example. They hold their position through violence and treachery with the help of well‐rewarded guards―and sometimes even potent defilers. Their tribes vary in size from a dozen individuals to several hundred, depending on the territory they work and from whom they usually steal.

Party History
The party was attacked by a small sect of Obsidian Wraiths, lead by a warlord named Lokee. It appears they were working for Malestic, trying to track the PC’s down.

Obsidian Wraiths

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