Tyr - The Free City

Darksun    free city of tyr
City of tyr

Is it true? Kalak dead? Slaves Freed? Magic wild in the streets? Doubtful, but we’ll know soon enough. - Shahin, wandering hermit

Player History
The party is currently in the city of Tyr. So far they have gone on several covert missions for Talara Vordon. They have witnessed a council meeting, and it appears that Thaxos Vordon is preparing to move his troops into the city. Supposedly for the protection of the people, the party believes it is to cause a bloody coup.

Known History
Tyr was ruled by king Kalak for a thousand years of terror. He was iron fisted and refused to listen to his council of city elders. Drawing near the end of his reign, Kalak began the construction of a massive pyramid in the arena. None were sure what the structure was for until the entire population was called to the arena to watch the Ziggurat games. As soon as the fight ended (which featured the champion Mul gladiator Rikus and his fighting partner Neeva) a great Obsidian structure shot through the pyramid and began to drain the life out of the spectators. None could escape, for the gates had been closed and could not be opened from the inside. The reason became apparent: Kalak was accelerating his transformation into a Dragon by robbing all the citizens of their life energies. At the last moment, Rikus would strike Kalak with the Heartwood spear, and although this did not kill the evil king, a band of heroes would finally end Kalak’s one thousand year reign of evil.

Tyr is located just to the east of the Ringing Mountains. Tyr was ruled by the sorcerer-king Kalak until his overthrow on the verge of his ascension. It is now the only free city of the region, banning the practice of slavery. It shares much in common with its historical quasi-namesake Tyre, including a monopoly over purple dye.

Tyr - The Free City

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